Garden Party Trays

I love to make little buckets, cubes and trays to store things in. When I saw Jennifer’s latest fabric focus project on Sew, Mama, Sew‘s site, I thought it looked like a fun, quick project to try.

I haven’t used any of the garden party fabrics in my stash for awhile, so I figured they would be good samples to try this pattern.

It was fun to fussy cut the large flower print for the center of each tray.

These trays work great to store loose little things, like bobbins, buttons, hairclips, paperclips, snippets, yarn, coins, or other small objects you collect.

Now comes the part where I reveal to you my obsession for lip balms! (I really hate wearing lipstick.) I have them scattered all over the house, two in my sewing room, two in the bathroom, one in the kitchen, one in my car, one in my purse. And I like a variety of flavors, from chocolate to cherry to pina colada.

Getting back to the pattern, it’s super easy to follow. It’s comes out to be a 4-inch box, but you could customize the size for your needs. You could make one of these gems in less than an hour. I think it took me longer to pick out which fabrics to use than it did to actually make one. I encourage you to look for some fun little objects in your house that you collect and find some accompanying fabric to build a tray to store them in. It’s very satisfying!