Inspiration Wednesday: From My Sketchbook

This week’s topic for my Make Art That Sells course with Lilla Rogers is home decor, so our first exercise is to draw suzani-inspired motifs, which are embroidered and decorative textiles.

sketchbook medallion motifs sketchbook medallion motifs

I’ve been having fun drawing a variety of center floral shapes and medallions with decorative corner motifs in my sketchbook. I do love to draw swirls and flourishes!

sketchbook medallion motifs sketchbook medallion motifs sketchbook medallion motifs sketchbook medallion motifs

I’m not sure which design is my favorite so it’s nice to have a variety to work with. The next step is to scan these pages and play with them in Illustrator. Then I’m going to turn them into a collection of ceramic plates for this week’s challenge!

Hope you’re on the look-out for things that inspire you and challenge you!


Inspiration Wednesday: From My Sketchbook

I’m immersed in Lilla Rogers’ course Make Art That Sells right now, so it’s great fun to have assignments to work on in my sketchbook.

sketchbook painting root vegetables

The first assignment has to do with root vegetables so I bought a variety for in-person drawing reference. I really wanted vegetables that still had the stalks and leaves on them because some of the leaves are so beautiful.

sketchbook root vegetables - carrots

sketchbook root vegetables - beetssketchbook root vegetables - radishessketchbook root vegetables -parsnip

sketchbook root vegetables - sweet potato and turnip

One of the many things I’m learning is to pay closer attention to my own process and how I work when doing illustration. That is helping me figure out what I like, what my style is and what I like about other artists I admire.

1. First I do research, learn about the subject matter, make a word list, find photo reference and live examples if possible.

root vegetables reference

2. Then I do a couple quick, rough doodles with a ball point pen, sort of like an outline.

sketchbook root vegetables word list3. Then I do a detailed drawing with pencil and loosely go over it with a Micron pen.

4. Then I might try to do a realistic rendering, which I go over with a Micron pen so I can scan it later for digital work.

5. Then I go back to drawing my own interpretation of the object, sort of realistic, sort of stylized.

Similar to most illustrators and artists, I really want to have my own unique style, so it’s important to me to also understand and develop my own process. I love drawing with pencil and then Micron pens, so I enjoy this process of illustrating. I also like using my travel watercolor paints, but I love the digital process so I’m excited for the next step in this assignment.

Now I’m looking forward to baking roasted root vegetables!

Hope you’re on the look–out for things that inspire you.


Inspiration Wednesday: From My Sketchbook

I’ve been trying hard lately to manage my time so I can keep sketching and drawing ideas in my sketchbook while keeping up with my licensed art projects and graphic design clients. Here are a couple recent illustrations from my sketchbook pages.

I finished a new page this week, inspired by the majestic dahlias that are blooming this time of year.

sketchbook page flourish to flower

I also went back and finished this drawing which was in progress last week with the addition of a fancy scroll frame around the illustration of critters and cattails. That fancy frame was really fun to do so I’m hoping to try that on more illustrations.

sketchbook critters frame

And now they are ready to be inked, scanned and digitized. Wonder what they will turn into next.

I’m continuing my quest to Make More Work on advice from established designers and illustrators. Make so much work that you can’t be ignored. I love to draw so it’s a great challenge to draw more, to drawing all the time, to continue to develop my illustration style.

Hope you’re on the look–out for things that inspire you.


Inspiration Wednesday: Spoonflower Hacks

This week, I wanted to share with you Spoonflower Hacks. Have you seen them? They offer a clever variety of DIY inspiration, from home decor projects to making your own clothing to getting organized.

Here are a couple of my favorites, with screenshots from their blog for reference and links to instructions to make these fun DIY projects:

Book Binding – I do love making books.

Spoonflower Hacks - Book Binding

Decal Calendar

Spoonflower Hacks - Decal Calendar

DIY Goodie Bag

Spoonflower Hacks - Goodie Bag

Hope you find something or someone that inspires you this week! Thanks for stopping by!