Birthday Cheer

I can always count on my close friend Tami to make me feel special on my birthday. Check out the wonderful surprise package she sent me! You can tell she put a lot of thought into assembling this package full of things she knew I would love.

Birthday Package Includes friendship frame, friendship book, calendar, jewelry, snickerdoodle coffee (can only be found at the coffee store at Mesa Mall in Grand Junction), chocolates – WOW, am I lucky!

Hugs for Friends book Hugs for Friends book

Necklace and Earrings Set Beautiful blue pendant and earrings, which will match many of my clothes since my favorite color is BLUE!

Handmade Card Homemade card, says “How OLD are you? Blow out the candles.”

I think birthdays are your one day to shine, the day you are entitled to feel special, to feel extraordinary. Celebrate!

One thought on “Birthday Cheer

  1. snickerdoodle coffee?? wow! sign me up for that!

    happy belated birthday…

    your photos of chicago in lights and snow makes me a wee bit homesick (i grew up in northern indiana).

    happy weekend to you

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