Spring is s l o w l y starting to show itself around here, but it’s coming s l o w l y.

Our weather outside hasn’t been cooperative enough lately for us to be outside, gardening or just enjoying some sunshine.

Instead, we decided to paint a couple rooms over the weekend. We bought our house three years ago, and still, all the walls are white. How boring and sterile! We finally settled on this color for the main wall in the kitchen:
2 OZ.

and this color for the rest of the kitchen and the living room.

2 OZ.

We are almost done, just need another half gallon to finish up. Then we get to put everything back together and rehang our pictures. We have a lot of photographic art throughout the house, and the inspiration for these colors came from two gorgeous photographs we purchased from Scanlon Photography while they were exhibiting at the Madison Art Fair.

A. Le Logge, Tuscany

Barchetta, Bellagio

These pictures will hang on the main wall in the kitchen; just need to buy one more and some frames.

I have never painted before, and I’m surprised how much I enjoyed it. Next, we’re trying to decide what color to paint our family room.

family room

Maybe we will be able to settle on one of these colors.

6 thoughts on “Painting

  1. I’m itching to do some painting, too. Kitchen and family room are top priorities. I like the nice, creamy color you chose in the kitchen. Your family room is very similar to ours with the brick fireplace surrounded by bookcases. We are trying to decide on a color for it.

  2. Love the kitchen colors! Can’t wait to see them in person. What colors are you considering for the family room? Want to come paint at my house?:)

  3. We have the Concord Ivory in our front rooms and love it! You can see our newer paint in our family room on my blog if you click on decorating.

    I LOVE Madison! We are in the far northwest Chicago burbs. I have a cousin who is in Madison. Her husband is at UW-M for a PhD in Philosophy!

  4. Thanks Kristi! I love that color in your family room too. (great taste) Yes, Madison is a great town, especially the market in summer. Likewise, we love the Chicago area too. Nice to “meet” you and thank you so much for reading my blog!

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