Summer Racing

Remember last month when I wrote about my brother competing in his first half-marathon in Door County? Well, last weekend he completed his first triathlon in the town I live in, so of course, I had to be there to cheer him on and capture the day in pictures.

I have always wanted to compete in a triathlon but I struggle with rheumatoid arthritis in my knees, making it difficult to run. So it was a thrill for me to be a spectator and support crew.

The race began at 7:30 on Sunday morning, so we got there around 6:30 in order to check in and set up his gear. It was pretty cool how the organizers of the race set up fencing to form the transition area where the competitors set up their gear for the transition from one event to the next.

The competitors have to wear a timing chip around their ankle so their times are recorded for each event. Here is my eleven-year-old niece Taylor helping organize the timing chips while she waits for her dad to finish.

The first event is the swim, where the competitors were released in nine waves. My cousin Jack (on the left) and my brother Mike (on the right) were in the later waves, so there was some standing around waiting.

After the swim event, the racers transition to the bike event, where they bike 25 miles through the hilly terrain our area is notorious for.

While we waited for Mike to pass through the bike area, we also waited for my cousin Jack who was on to the running event. It’s hard to see in this picture because his number is covering part of his jersey, but he rocked with an AC/DC jersey! Go Jack!

We had a great cheering section, all members of the family, who were in town celebrating my aunt Madelon’s 70th birthday.

After the racers completed that brutal 25-mile bike ride, they came back to the transition area to leave their bike behind, change into their running shoes, and hit the trail one last time for a 6-mile run.

It was so thrilling to see them come down that final stretch to the finish line!

Similar to my relationship with my sister, I have looked up my brother my whole life. We never fought when we were kids, and we’ve continued to remain close friends, so I was a very impressed and proud of him (and Jack) on that day! Cheers guys!

2 thoughts on “Summer Racing

  1. Good pictures Terri. I had a lot of fun doing the race but wished I did a little better. There is always next year.

    It was great having you and everyone else out to cheer us on. It makes a difference!

  2. Hi Terri, great posting of pictures and comments for Mike and Jack’s marathon. All of us who were watching were really impressed with their stamina and determination. And – they were the two most handsome guys in the entire race! Bravo!

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