We have a Quilt Expo

I went to the Wisconsin Quilt Expo on Friday, and would you believe I forgot to bring my camera?! In a small way, I was glad because it allowed me to really experience and enjoy the expo.

I took three classes: Square in a Square, The Value of Value, and Becoming an Author.

In the Square in a Square class, we learned how to use this cool ruler which allows you to make perfect points on your quilt blocks. You sew fabric strips to fabric squares, and then use the lines on the ruler to trim up the center square to give you a perfect square in a square. The instructor was excellent at demonstrating how to make perfect squares, triangles and diamonds with strip piecing and rotary cutting with this ruler.

The Value of Value class was about color theory, but more importantly the value, or the lightness and darkness, in fabrics. We used the ruby beholder and red cellophane to test the gray scale of different fabrics. It was fascinating, especially when we put sample pieces of fabric up on the design wall.

Becoming an Author was taught by a representative from Krause publications, which publishes sewing, quilting and needlecraft books. Their acquisitions editor walked us through the process of submitting a book idea, how to get started on a manuscript, submitting a proposal, the company’s review process, how the contract and expenses work, and how the book gets marketed through publicity and promotions. It was really helpful to learn how an idea goes from a submission to a book – and all the work the author has to do to get there.

After seven hours of classes, shopping and wondering the expo floor, I was tired, crabby and relieved that I decided not to take pictures amongst the crowds. At times, some booths were SO crowded that people were actually pushing. I love being surrounded by fellow quilters and lots of fabric, but I reached my shopping wall when the crowd started to cave in on me.

Surprisingly (sort of), I didn’t see a lot of fabric I had to have! Can you believe not one booth had any fabrics by Anna Maria Horner, Heather Bailey, Sandi Henderson, Heather Ross or Tina Givens? What’s up with that?! I did buy a pattern and ornament kit, along with the Square-in-a-Square Ruler and this cool cutting table from my good friend Julie at The Quilt House. She skis and she quilts – what a great combination!

The Expo was sponsored by Wisconsin Public Television and Nancy Zieman, founder of Nancy’s Notions. The tagline for the event as “Escape, Create, Celebrate.” What a great way to describe what we sewists do! We escape to our sewing rooms, create lots of new and traditional sewing projects, and celebrate through show and tell. I’m already looking forward to next year’s expo.

One thought on “We have a Quilt Expo

  1. that sounds like fun! and gee i could have used a class on becoming an author at some point. 🙂 it’s kind of amazing how the selection of fabric varies in different parts of the country– especially at an expo, you’d hope there’s be some modern fun stuff– but i really think it just doesn’t appeal to some people. it’s hard to believe, so thank goodness for the internet!!

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