Red and Green

I am growing to love the colors red and green together more and more each day.  Not that I didn’t like these deep colors before.  But lately, I just can’t get enough of this rich combination.

Red and green represent the theme colors for the Christmas season.

red-green ornaments

Red makes a beautiful, fresh pointsettia.

red poinsettia

Red berries look lovely alongside green holly leaves.

greenery stem

Red bows brighten up a green wreath.


Red and green are a handful of holiday MnMs hoping to melt in your hands.

plate of red-green MnMs

Red and green are a mix of sprinkles decorating a batch of cookies.

sprinkled cookies

Red and green are the focus colors in my Christmas quilt.

Callie snuggled on Christmas quilt

Red and green are the primary colors in my Christmas table runner.

Christmas Table Runner

I know there must be more red and green combinations out there.  What’s red and green in your house?

2 thoughts on “Red and Green

  1. My living room is sort of red and green, deep tones blended nicely. My new table runner (see today’s post) is deep red and green. My new slipper socks that I got to keep my feet warm at night, my little Christmas tree, the poinsettia in my office, the list goes on and on…A fabulous color combo and it really does spark the Christmas Spirit!

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