Ornaments and What-Knots

Ya gotta love that word – what-knots!  I don’t really know what it means or where it came from, but it makes me laugh every time I hear someone use it.

I have been feeling a little blue for not participating in any ornament exchanges this year.  I guess I am realizing I love ornaments.  I already know I love to make them.  So I decided to make a few extras this week, just for fun.  Maybe I’ll save them as ideas for an exchange next year… and start making a quantity of them in JUNE rather than the week before Christmas!

These are the newest ornaments I made this week – mini miniature 9-patch quilts!  I am so happy with how these turned out that I might make more mini miniature quilts using different blocks.

Miniature 9-patch ornaments

I make a lot of these mini-sweater and mini-stocking ornaments from the Last-Minute Knitted Gifts book by Joelle Hoverson.  I end up giving many of them away that I found I didn’t have any left in our ornament box, so I had to make more.

mini stocking and sweater

Finally, I decided to try a couple new “ornaments” this year from the New Noel booklet by Linda Lum DeBono.  I made this adorable stocking, which was so easy that I definitely need to make more.  

fabric presents and stocking

I also made these charming little present boxes, which aren’t really ornaments, but look darn cute under the tree, or anywhere you want to display them. 

fabric presents

I think these would look great in the new Darla collection by Tanya Whelan.

That’s what I have accomplished so far this week.  Now I’m off to do some holiday baking since we’re hosting a holiday open house on Sunday afternoon.

5 thoughts on “Ornaments and What-Knots

  1. All cute! This year we only made the cinnamon ornaments—so sewing for the tree at all!

    Darla is soon to be on my shelves and i can’t wait! That is my favorite upcoming line FOR SURE!

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