It’s Thursday and I Heart Art

In looking through my writing notebooks and reference books, I found this writing prompt: How do you feel about Thursdays? Do you have a Thursday night routine?

There is something about Thursdays that fills me with excitement. It’s the eve of Friday, and almost the last day of the work week. I feel like I’ve made it through the busiest and toughest days of the week, especially since I have class on Monday and Wednesday nights, making them extra long days. I don’t have a routine on Thursdays, but it’s a relief to have a free night.

a postcard

On Thursdays, I feel like celebrating! What better way to celebrate than talk about how much I love the art created by Marisa Maedike at Creative Thursday. She produces brightly colored art, illustrations and designs, usually painted on canvas or wood.  She sells the originals and prints of her work in her etsy shop, along with a few other goodies, like her new night lights and these darling ceramic tiles.

For starters, I ordered her 2009 calendar.  The creatures she creates are playful and charming, from birds to bears to penguins to bunnies to owls.

February Creative Thursday

It took me about two months to decide what to buy next (I’m not a very decisive person), but I knew I really wanted a print.  I love nature and animals, so I decided on this one titled “a happy gathering” because it combined those two elements.  I would buy one of each of Marisa’s print, but this one made me smile the most.  It makes me feel warm and happy.

a happy gathering

I am so inspired by art and creativity these days.  What artist is inspiring you today?  Please share!

creative thursday bookmark

I am fond of this writing prompt, and since I love Thursdays, I’m going to use this inspiration to generate more ideas. Isn’t that how it works, one idea feeds off of another idea and unexpected things begin to bloom! Saturday is my favorite day of the week, but I’ll save that for another post.

Happy Thursday.


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