Flowers Upon Return

It’s good go be home after being in China for two weeks, although I miss my sister already!  I really missed my husband while I was away.  He surprised me with these lovely pink and white tulips as a welcome home gift. Isn’t he sweet and thoughtful? I think he’s the best!

first tulipsI separated them into a couple vases so we could have flowers in the kitchen, living room and bathroom, making our living spaces feel more cheerful.

tulip vases

I needed that since we woke up this morning to 2-3 inches of snow! I don’t mind the cold temperatures because it was really warm and humid in southern China, but I am ready for more gradually warming spring days.

I took about 500 pictures in China and bought some cool souvenirs that I’m excited to show you, but I have homework to catch up on, so I have to keep this short for today. I have to create a business name and design a business card using my drawings.

Hope you are doing well these days!

4 thoughts on “Flowers Upon Return

  1. Glad you’re back. Can’t wait for more details about your trip. Your fabric choices are so pretty. And the tulips are so springtime, what a nice welcome home gift!

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