Fabric Giveaway – Closed

UPDATE: This giveaway is now closed. Thanks so much for stopping by!

I decided at the last minute to participate in the Sew,Mama,Sew May Giveaway Day.

Here’s what I have to offer to you today:

First, this set of Mendocino fabric by Heather Ross. Β The top three pieces are fat quarters and the bottom three pieces are half yards.

Mendocino fabric giveaway

Second, this set of Katie Jump Rope fabrics by Denyse Schmidt. The top four pieces are fat quarters and the bottom three pieces are half yards.

Katies Jump Rope fabric giveaway

Just leave me a comment by May 31, telling me which set you prefer and what you would make with these fabric sets. Β I will do a random drawing on Monday, June 1 and announce the two lucky winners. By the way, I will ship internationally if you live outside the U.S.

Thanks for playing!

476 thoughts on “Fabric Giveaway – Closed

  1. I like the second set!! And I think I might have to try and make a patch work scarf… it would be my first ever quilting project yipeeee!! We’re have a give away too!! YAY!!

    xo Steph

  2. Oh wow, glad I found your blog (not that it was lost – ha ha) Anyway, I would love the second set of fabrics. I am wanting to make up a few boy softies and that fabric looks perfect πŸ™‚ :), well, not the flowers, I will make a cute little pinni/pants set for my daughter with that one πŸ™‚

  3. waouuuu!!! I’m fond of fabrics!!!! they are great!!!! I will probably sew some more pouches with them!!!I love the second set!!!

    many thanks to you!

    a giveaway on my blog too;o)

  4. Oh. So hard to choose. I think I love that Mendocino best. I wish I could make myself a bikini out of it. Heck, I wish I could WEAR a bikini. LOL! I would probably use it for some Zippy Wallets and other little pieces of goodness. Thanks for playing Giveaway Day, Terri. I hope you had a fabulous anniversary.


  5. Oh, I am seriously lusting after both of these groups of fabric. I’d be thrilled to win either one! I’d probably use it in a quilt, or maybe in a bag. Thanks for the opportunity!

  6. I like the second set the best… hmm. Thinking what I could make with it. I always default to a purse, but I would like to try making a mini quilt with it for my daughter to snuggle with!

  7. Hi Terri. I just discovered your blog through Flickr. You make some lovely things!

    While I’m seriously drawn to the Heather Ross mermaids, I think I’d love to get my hands on some of that Katie Jump Rope. It’s so pretty and versatile. Thanks for the great giveaway!

  8. Terri, this is such an awesome giveaway!! Yay for shipping international. THANK YOU! I love the first set Mendocino. πŸ™‚ I can see me making lovely pouches with them on my new machine. Have a lovely merry happy mid-week and love to you!

  9. I love both, but would prefer the Heather Ross fabric. I would make some sweet little patchwork bags as well as use it as accents on clothing items for my 10-week-old baby daughter! I’m imagining a little baby kimono shirt, trimmed in Mendocino fabric! Lovely giveaway! Have a wonderful week!

  10. Oh the Heather Ross Mendocino would be my little girls dream. I think I would have to find a way to make her something special.
    I love your recent mini quilts made for mini quilt monday they are inspirational. I loved the green backing.

  11. I would love to win set of Katie Jump Rope fabrics and make some colorful document pouches.

    Thank you for the giveaway! Please include me in the drawing.

    stitchsavesnine (at) yahoo (dot) com

  12. I would love to win the Mendocino fabric as I would use them for making my softies and toy clothes πŸ˜‰

  13. As I already have some of the Denyse Schmidt’s fabrics I prefer to chose Heather Ross one’s.
    And with this beautiful fabrics I’ll make a bag tote to go to the beach!
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  14. Oh–I can’t pick! I think I’d have to say the bottom set. And it’s got to be an apron I’d make. Love making those. And that bottom set is begging to be mixed in with my thrifted stash. Thanks for playing! (Isn’t this fun?)

  15. I would love to win the Katie Jump Rope fabrics. I don’t know right off what I would make, maybe a purse or skirt for the little one. Thanks for the giveaway.

    accoupons at gmail dot com

  16. I would have to say the second set of fabrics would go great with the 3 fat quarters of Katie Jump Rope that I have…and I’d be making a small coin quilt!

  17. Love the Heather Ross fabrics. And I seem to be collecting oranges lately, so I see an orange-erific quilt in the making sometime soon!

  18. Wait i have to choose??? Lets see i like the first set with the sea horses and the swimmer! I hope i win!!

  19. ooooh, mendocino!! delicious! i’ve been coveting some for my king-sized stacked coins quilt. thank you for the chance!

  20. Hi Miss Terri! I love both. . .can’t choose, what a decision! Hey, I’m playing too. . .and guess what my fabrics are also Heather Ross. Have a good day!

  21. I would love to win the Heather Ross fabric to make a summer purse! Thanks! πŸ™‚

  22. I LOVE the Mendocino collection! I have some and was going to buy more in order to make a pretty little blanket for my neice

  23. I love these fabrics– but especially the Heather Ross. thanks for your giveaway!

  24. Oh, I bought a few Katie Jump Rope prints a few months back to start a 30’s repro-ish log cabin quilt! That set would fit in perfect and round out my collection! It’s going to be an off-kilter scrappy cabin quilt!

  25. What would I do?? Well that heather ross is calling out to me saying, Sophia (that’s my daughter) she would look lovely in those, thanks for the chance to win

  26. Either would be great but my preference is the Mendocino!

    I’m doing a giveaway as well and hosting a fabric swap. Come and check it out πŸ™‚

  27. Ooh, I love the Mendocino set, I have been wanting to get some of that fabric and would probably work them into a quilt. Thanks! πŸ™‚

  28. I love both of them! If pressed I would have to say I’ve been longing for Katie Jump Rope just a little bit more. I think I would have to put it into a very special quilt.

  29. Hello from a fellow Madisonian! I love the Mendocino fabrics–I think I’d use them to make a fantastic bag with lots of pockets, and maybe use a piece of it for contrasting pattern pieces on a top, or a pocket on a skirt.

  30. I’d love the Heather Ross set, I’ve been working on wonky log cabin blocks and these would be such a wonderful addition.
    (I’m giving away some Greece inspired goodies on my blog, check it out!)

  31. I love orange, and I love Heather Ross. This decision is tough, but I think the Denyse Schmidt wins by a nose. πŸ™‚

  32. I love the Michelle Ross fabrics! They would be perfect for a quilt that I am collecting fabric for in yellows & blues!

  33. Thanks for hosting such a great giveaway! I love the Mendocino line. I have some of the line, and with enough I would make a lightweight quilt (perfect for summer nights). Thanks!

  34. Do I really have to choose? I think that would be impossible. These would help me tackle some projects on my mental to-create list: table decor (placemats, runner and/or napkins), baby clothes, purses.

    Thanks for offering these up!


  35. I love them both, but prefer the first set. I would like to make smocked tops for my daughters to wear at the beach.

  36. I would love the Mendocino prints and most likely would make a quilt, but I’m trying to figure out if I could make a pretty a-line skirt or cute tunic somehow with them. they look so summery to wear!

  37. Lovely blog- Your Good Folks zig-zag quilt top is really fantastic, and your flowers to die for! I would love to win the Heather Ross fabrics. Keep up the great work.

  38. I like the Denise Schmidt set. I’d probably make some little bags to hold my knitting or use the flowery fabric for a quilt I’m making.

  39. Oh I love them both! First choice would be the Heather Ross but what a choice!!!Thankyou for offering us all the chance to win,such fun

  40. I like the first set. I really don’t know what I would make. I have so many projects on my wishlist right now…

  41. I would prefer the heather ross fabrics. I think they would make a darling skirt for my daughter, maybe with a matching little tote or bag.

  42. I would love the Heather Ross fabrics. I’d make a doll’s dress for my friends little girl. Her Mum is making a quilt from the same set.

  43. Oh, I really like both sets, but I think it I have to choose I like the second set the best. The colors are easier for me to work with! LOL! I’m not sure what my next fabric project will be, to be honest. I’m hoping to get some inspiration on that soon!

  44. 1st set please! πŸ™‚

    i’m making grocery totes at the moment! down with plastic bags!

  45. I love the Heather Ross bundle. I would make my little daughter a little Princess and the Pea matteress and bag set a la Soule Mama.

  46. Wow, how generous! Being as big a fabric lover as I am, I’d be psyched by either selection. If I had to pick, I’d probably go with the Mendocino – I don’t have too many from that colorway! (and I think I need to get some before they’re gone!) Thanks!

  47. I would love the Heather Ross fabrics. I would love to make some things for my girl with it.

  48. Heather Ross… yep…Heather ross πŸ˜‰ I would love to make a stap patterned quilt out of these little beauties!!! Thanks so much πŸ™‚

  49. Please count me in for the second set. Thanks for the great giveaway!
    ap_lemos at yahoo dot com

  50. *sigh* I love both of these lines, and own little pieces of each. I would be happy expanding either of my collections, they should go into a fun quilt, I think!

  51. This is so exciting that you have all decided to do this. I am loving your giveaway fabrics so my fingers are crossed. Either one would be great and I would be so lucky to win.

  52. I can’t believe it. I am in the middle of making a quilt for my daughter and ran out of the Heather Ross fabric. It would make my day to actually win some. Thank you for being so generous.

  53. Oh, how to choose between Heather Ross and her friend Denyse Schmidt?! wonderful giveaway!!
    Please put my name in for the Katie Jump Robe since I don’t have much of that line.

  54. I would love the Katie Jump Rope pack to make a wee quilt for my daughter–love it!

  55. I love the Mendocino line. It’s one of my favorites. I even have a quilt in mind that would make great use of it.

  56. Hello there! Thanks for hosting! I’d love that Heather Ross bundle to make a cute summer/beach bag!

  57. Love both sets, but will have to go with the Heather Ross set. I need new fabric for pillows and home accessories. Thanks for hosting.

  58. Oh, the Heather Ross fabric is nice. I love the sea horses. I think I would make a quilt to take to the beach.

  59. Wow! I really would be happy with either set!! I’m planning a modern baby quilt for a friend who’s having a baby this fall.

  60. I LOVE the Katie Jump Rope fabrics! I’d make a lap quilt for my tv room, it’s always cold! Thanks for the chance to win!

  61. Tough, tough, tough decision! I have to say Katie Jump Rope because DS set the Quilter in me free; mine were blah until I saw her amazing work. Terri, you are so generous!!

  62. ooh, I love Mendocino! I would use it for girly dresses for my 2-year-old.

  63. Both sets are beautiful, but I would probably choose the Heather Ross. I would make some baby sets from her Weekend Sewing book- the bloomers plus the Lucy kimono. I think they would be so cute!

  64. Those are both fantastic sets, but I already have some of the Mendocino, so I’m going to say Katie Jump Rope. I’ve been eyeing it for some time now!

  65. So glad you joined in the Giveaway day! I missed it this time but hope to participate in the next one!! I really like either of these sets! I have a couple Mendocino prints that I could add these to to make a Mendocino quilt…so I guess I would go with the first set! What a good idea to give a choice!

  66. I’d love to be entered into the drawing for the first set.
    Thanks for the giveaway!
    cokelush at gmail

  67. Oh, I love the Mendocino print! I would use it for a pinafore for my baby girl…with matching fabric headband. So cute!

  68. I love the first set. It is really adorable! And I think I’ll make a makeup bag, a coin purse and I will give some to my mom.
    Thanks a lot.

  69. Love the Katie Jump Rope fabric. I would make a little girl’s patchwork twirl skirt.
    Thanks for the chance to enter.

  70. You are so kind – thank you for the chance to win! it would have to be the first set – Heather Ross is hard to come by in the UK! I would use them in a quilt I am planning for my new baby niece.

  71. Oh, I LOVE Heather Ross – I would make a baby quilt for sure, her fabric has such a lovely texture, perfect for babies!

  72. I love Katie Jump Rope, and I’ve never had any in the orange line. I’d definitely make new kitchen stuff…potholders, apron, curtains etc! Thanks!

  73. I’d go for the Mendocino set, if I had my druthers. But I’m not sure what I would make from it. Maybe a bag, there is a pattern I’ve been wanting to try out… we’ll see. Thanks for the chance to win.

  74. I love the Katie Jump Rope set, and I would make fun summer clothes for my 1 year old daughter if I won

  75. I love Katie Jump Rope, but Heather Ross fabrics are almost impossible to find here in the UK so I would go for those and probably make some lovely summery pillowcases for the conservatory.

  76. I love both and would be happy with either. I would probably use either fabric to make a quilt.

  77. I absolutely love the Heather Ross fabrics. Thanks for the opportunity to win this great giveaway.

  78. Love the fabric sets! I love the Heather Ross set to make some fun dresses or tops for my little girl. She looks so good in orange! Thanks for the giveaway! πŸ™‚

  79. Holy cow, what a nice give-away!! I’d love either of those sets. I’m collecting fabrics to make my daughter an orange/pink/red quilt, and I think pretty much any of those would work with it…

  80. Ooo, awesome giveaway! It’s a difficult choice but I would have to go with the Mendocino, which I would use to make something for my daughter. A pieced dress, perhaps?


  81. If I had to choose, I would go with the Heather Ross. I’ve got two little girls I am itching to make some cute summer clothes for.

  82. Wow, the heather ross set! I’d love to add these to my other heather ross fabrics for a super soft quilt! Thanks for a chance to enter! =)

  83. Oh my! I love both of your fabric offerings. The second set would be perfect for a quilt that I’m still in the planning stages of. It’s a gift for a girl who LOVES orange (and lime green).

  84. I would like the Katie Jump Rope fabrics. I would probably make an apron, some cloth napkins, and some patchwork pot holders.

  85. I love the Katie Jump Rope set. I think I would try to make an apron of some sort. Or maybe mix them up in a quilt.

  86. I like the sea them in the Heather Ross collection.., I have girl who feels “swimmidy!”

  87. I love the Katie Jump Rope fabric, one of my favorite lines!

    Sue Cahill (sboetsue at yahoo dot com)

  88. Lovely fabrics both. Like the Denyse Schmidt fabric a wee bit more though, bold prints πŸ™‚ Bags Bags and more bags is what i’ll make πŸ™‚

  89. I really like the second set, great colors. I would have to get my hands on the fabric before I decided what I want to make. I’m thinking a really cute bag could emerge from them!

    Thank you for the chance to enter your drawing.

  90. Such a generous giveaway! Thank you for hosting. Love the Katie Jump Rope set and it has a few prints that I’m missing from my stash. I’d like to use my Single Girl Quilt pattern and these are the perfect ticket.

  91. Thank you for the giveaway! What a difficult choice! I love both, but I would love the Katie Jump Rope fabric for making a tiered skirt and top for my daughter. And maybe a little purse to match for her treasures!

  92. Hi! Could you please enter me for the Heather Ross fabric? I’ve been eyeing these sea creatures for AGES! I think that I woul dadd them to some quilt project of some kind…possibly not yet imagined.

  93. What a generous giveaway Terri!! I love the Mendoccino fabric – I would probably make a beach bag out of it!

  94. I love the Katie Jump Rope fabric. I am planning to make a quilt for myself when I get the list of things I have promised to make for friends a little more under control, and I am thinking oranges and yellows and these fabrics would be perfect.

  95. I love both, but the Katie Jump Rope is one of my favorites! I would probably try to do something for my daughter for summertime.

  96. I adore the Heather Ross! I made my daughter a dress out of some of that fabric, but now it’s all gone. With this, I would make something matching for my son, so he doesn’t feel left out (although he’s a baby so he doesn’t much mind!)

  97. I’d love the Heather Ross fabric! I’m sure it’d end up as either a bag or clothes for my little one. πŸ™‚

  98. I love love love the fabric! My favorite was heather ross; but I would love to win either!! thanks for the giveaway!

  99. I love the Heather Ross, really I love both of them, I would just be happy to win either!
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  100. I love the second set! I have several Christmas gift projects that they would work perfectly for. Thanks for the giveaway!

  101. love the Heather Ross fabric. wanna make fabric blocks and balls for my 6 month old, Ezekiel!!

  102. Love, love, love the Mendocino fabrics, they’d be just perfect to make a play quilt for my youngest son, and perhaps a few soft toys as well.

  103. I would love the Mendocino. I bought some, but a little more would allow me to make the quilt I really want to make!

  104. after a very tough decision, i’d have to go with the ‘katie jumps rope’ set of fabrics… wonderful stuff!
    i’d most certainly make a quilt with it… that’s about all the sewing i do (even though i’d like to learn how to follow patterns and make clothes and things…hm.)

  105. Oh, what a great giveaway! I’d choose the Mendocino set, though it’s hard to choose! I’d use them in baby clothes and the quilt I’m making for my 3-month-old.

  106. ::drool:: I’d take either stack any day of the week. I love both of these lines so very much! I can’t decide!!

    If I won, I’d probably tuck them away in my stash and admire them for a year or so. I have a hard time using beautiful fabric. Then I’d probably use them for a baby quilt or lap quilt.

  107. Katie Jump Rope fabrics. Not sure what I’d do with it, probably sew some bags.

  108. Love the Katie Jump Rope! I think I’d make some sweet little clothes for my girlie pie.

  109. I like both fabric sets but I’d love to win the Katie Jump Rope one. as a child in elementary school, jumping rope was my favorite recess activity — followed closely by playing jacks. πŸ™‚


  110. Ooh, I love the mendocino. It would definitely be incorporated into a quilt. Thanks!

  111. I love the Katie Jump Rope fabrics to make a skirt for my girl to jump rope in.

  112. Ohh no. Choose one. Both are great, but I guess I would choose the Heather Ross.

  113. I love the first set! I can feel my creative juices flowing already! Thanks for the great chance to win an awesome set of fabrics!

  114. Katie Jump rope, I adoe it and would love to make a disappering nine patch with it, thank you for the chnace1

  115. Amazing…what a wonderful give-away. And Heather Ross and Denyse Schmidt are my favourites! I would have to pick the Mendicino prize though…I only have 1 half yard of that line so it would be perfect in my stash. Thanks again!

  116. Although I love both Heather Ross and Denyse Schmidt, I’d have to go with Heather Ross since I saw her recently on Martha Stewart and she gave a tutorial of making a little girl’s dress…how perfect is your giveway!! I’m keeping my fingers crossed…maybe even my toes:)

  117. Love the mendocino fabrics, but the Katie jump rope would find a nice home with me as well- thanks for the great giveaway!

  118. Oh this is like Sophie’s Choice! That said, I guess I’d have to go with the Mendocino. Heather Ross just kinda can’t be denied!

  119. I like the Katie Jump Rope set, I’d probably work it into a quilt. Thanks for participating!

  120. Hmm, since I already have some of the Katie Jump Rope (okay, lots), I’d choose the Heather Ross. I think I’d have to make a little mini quilt for one of the nieces. Now, I’m not going to say who it is, but I think whoever got it would definitely be my favorite since I love this fabric. πŸ˜‰ Don’t tell the other 6!

  121. I like them both, but the Heather Ross one looks amazing.
    Thanks for such a great giveaway!! Fingers crossed as i would love to win this one.

  122. I like the Heather Ross group. I would make a dress and a twirly skirt for my 2 year old.

  123. Hard decision! I’ll go with Heather Ross.I would make summer library bags for my two daughters.

    Thanks for such a generous giveway!

  124. The Katie Jump Rope, I’d like to make a patchy Weekend Tote from Heather Ross’ Weekend Sewing book!

  125. i love the katie jump rope – i have big plans for a strip quilt and these fabrics are great for mixing and matching.

  126. Love them both! If I had to pick I would pick the Jump Rope set – would be great for some bright quilt blocks!

  127. I love the Mendocino… I have a friend who made a quilt with it and it is gorgeous. I would love some for myself… thanks for a lovely giveaway!

  128. I love the Heather Ross fabrics! They want to be a tote for me to carry to the pool all summer long!!!

  129. with the heather ross fabric i want to make an adorable skirt for my little daughter


    jzuchows at princeton dot edu

  130. If I won, I would pick Mendocino, because I have a small smidgen (and I mean less than 1/8) of the seahorse fabric, and I need more to coordinate with it! πŸ™‚ It desperately wants to be a pillow for my bed πŸ™‚

  131. The katie jump rope fabric is so great. That would make a great table runner or small wall hanging. Great stuff. Thank you for the chance!

  132. I adore both designers so much, so I would love either one. I’d probably make things for my house or little girl!

  133. I like Mendocino and I would make patchwork throw pillows. rachaeld_21 at hotmail . com

  134. I would LOOOOVE to win some Heather Ross fabric…I’ve been wanting to make my new niece a throw quilt and that fabric would be perrrrfect. So cute.

    Love that you’re doing this!

  135. I’d love the Heather Ross bundle! I want to make a linen quilt featuring a lot of fun fabrics πŸ˜€ Thanks!

  136. Thanks for the giveaway! I’d love the Mendocino set to make my little girl a dress!!

  137. Hello fellow Wisconsinite!

    I love the Heather Ross fabrics! I would love to make an oversized tote with them…! love love love…

    Thanks for the generous giveaway!

  138. How generous! I’m so drawn to the Heather Ross bundle. But I’ll have to resist and ask you to put my name in for the Katie Jump Rope (because I have none yet). Thank you for such a great giveaway!

  139. The Heather Ross fabrics are gorgeous! I’d love to make matching bags for me and my little girl, and maybe even a skirt for her as well!

  140. I’d love the Heather Ross, I’ve been wanting to make a quilt for one of my little cousins and that would be perfect. Thanks for having a giveaway.

  141. I love the Medocino set and would have to make something euro inspired with them.

  142. The Katie Jump Rope is gorgeous! I’ve just discovered sewing with shirring elastic and this fabric would make lovely little shirred summer tops for my daughter (and maybe even one for me!).

  143. Heather Ross is one of my favorite designers! I will use this fabric for one of my quilts. Please count me in! Thank you so much for your generosity! samjerus[at]yahoo.com

  144. Ohhh… I love both! But if I had to choose just one, I would probably pick the Heather Ross fabric. I would make some cute wristlets with the fabric!

  145. heather ross for me – i love the colours, I would make a soft kiddie scraft with different coliurs and patterns and a fleecy backing – saw some recently online and thought they were fab !

  146. I love the mendocino line… I would make a tunic for my little boy, and a jumper for my girl with the mermaids.
    Thanks for the giveaway !

  147. Oh they are both lovely, but I think I’d have to go with Katie Jump rope because it is one of my favorite lines ever. I don’t know what Id make with it, but Id probably just hoard it in my stash!

  148. Thanks for the giveaway! I like the Heather Ross fabric. I’d probably make my first quilt or a bag! with matching coin purse! πŸ™‚

  149. OMG! Yours is the best giveaway! I love the Heather Ross best. I would incorporate these into a quilt most likely. Maybe a pillow.
    Thanks for a chance to win.

  150. I love both, but probably would prefer the Katie Jump Rope. I’ve been eyeing that for a while…

  151. Hi, I like both sets, but the second one is even better!
    what would I do? I think of either a runner for the table and mathing napkings set or a bag for myself!
    thanks for this chance of winning!

  152. I love the first set (although the second set is nice too!)

    I’d probably incorporate them into a quilt!

  153. I love the mendocino bundle. I’d probably make a patchwork skirt for my daughter with them πŸ™‚

  154. Heather Ross Please!
    She is a VT girl like me.
    I’m a quilter, but these would make some super cute sun dresses for my daughter!

  155. Those are two of my favorite lines, but my daughter is so into mermaids right now, I’d go for Mendocino. Hi from a fellow Madisonian! (Well, Fitchburg, but close!)

  156. Wow. What great offerings. I would absolutely love to win the Heather Ross set. They would fit in perfectly with my scrappy log cabin quilt I’m making.

  157. Oh, I love the Heather Ross fabrics! They would make an adorable skirt for one of my daughters.

  158. They are both super! Count me in for either. It seems these would want to be a wristlet or purse of some sort.

  159. Either! They are both really lovely, I can’t decide..oh but if pushed, then maybe the heather Ross bundle. Thank you very much!

  160. ohh both sets are sooo pretty but I think I like the first set the best. If I was the lucky winner, I’m not sure what I’d make…I think maybe a bag for myself or as a gift πŸ™‚

  161. They are both so cute! I think I could use either one, but if I have to choose I pick the first bunch. I love the swimmers. I have been thinking about making a coin quilt for a while. Those would be very cute in it.
    Thank you,

  162. I’d like the Katie Jump Rope bundle if I won. I’m trying to collect all of the prints in that line for a quilt.

  163. The second set looks gorgeous – especially for an attempt at my first patchwork baby blanket. Thanks for the giveaway!
    jmhamlin826 AT yahoo DOT com

  164. How fun! Choices! Decisions! Ahh! I would be trilled with either, but Heather Ross would be my preference. I’d like to make some sort of patch top for my daughter. Thanks!

  165. I would take either– they are both lovely. I am hoping to make some patchwork skirts for my girls, and maybe a smallish lap quilt for me (finally!)

    Thank you for the lovely giveaway.

    secretcake (at) yahoo (dot) com

  166. I like them both, but if I have to pick I guess Heather Ross. I would like ot make some sort of quilt or pillow set…

  167. Oh gosh, I love them both! If I had to choose though I think I’d go for the Katie Jump Rope; I just think it’s really versatile!

    Thanks for the great giveaway!

  168. Hi,

    I prefer the Heather Ross fabric, but either set would be great!
    I want to make bags this summer, and an apron!

  169. How fun.
    I can’t believe I missed this. I wish there was something that would automatically notify me when there is a blog festival or event like this going on.
    Oh well. I guess I will wait until the next time.
    It’s nice of you to give away this fabric. I would like to throw my name into the Heather Ross group.


  170. Ah, both are great. If I had to choose, it would be the Heather Ross Mendocino. I would use the fabrics to make summer things for my daughter and I.

  171. I’d love to win the Mendocino fabric. I’d love to make a dress or twirly skirt for my daughter.

  172. I love the Heather Ross set … so cute! I would love to make my daughter some clothes for her doll, and a mini suitcase for those clothes. It’s her new obsession, lately, and these fabrics would be great for that!

  173. I’d love the Heather Ross. I’m sure that I would end up making skirts or dresses for my daughters. They refuse to wear shorts or pants.

  174. I like the ‘katie jump rope’ and I think I would make a tote or two for my daughter…

  175. I love them both and would happily take either, but I think I am a little more drawn to the Heather Ross Mendocino. I sew mostly for my daughter, so I would make something for her with it, or possibly a table runner for my kitchen table for summer, which I have been brewing over in my mind.

  176. I like the second set of fabrics. I would use it to make skirts for my girls or maybe a few bags.

  177. For some reason that Heather Ross gets me every time. I love her stuff. I just think it is so different. I am starting a stash of her fabrics to make a quilt with some day soon… I hope.

    thanks for the awesome giveaway.

  178. This is so hard to decide. I would have to say the first fabric by Heather Ross. I would make a beach blanket/picnic blanket for my daughter.

  179. I love the Mendocino from Heather Ross!! I’ve had my eye on that for ages… I would probably make myself a small knitting needle holder so I could take it with me places and would never grow out of it!! If there was extra, maybe a little wristlet purse to tuck into the diaper bag!

  180. I am making Beach bags for my family and friends, and those Mendocino Prints by Heather Ross would make a beautiful one. Thank you for the awesome giveaway!

  181. The Heather Ross set! Hmmm what would I make? probably a beach bag of some sort.

  182. I love the Mendocino! I think it would make some fun baby stuff – burp rags, changing pads, and the like…

  183. I’d love to try my hand at a vintage style tablecloth with the Katie Jump Rope.

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  184. I’d love the first set (Heather Ross.) What a lovely giveaway! Thank you for the chance to win! I think it’d make a great quilt or girl’s outfit. πŸ™‚

  185. Very nice giveaway! I like the Heather Ross fabrics. I have some pregnant friends I would probably make some gifts for with them. Thanks!

  186. i prefer the first option
    and i would make a coon daiper bag for my new baby that well be born in 3 monthes from now!
    thanks for the great giveaway!

  187. I like the second set best, althought I really like both of them, what a tough pick! I would make clothes for my baby girl and for my friends’ little girls. Thank you for the chance to win!

  188. What a generous giveaway! I’d prefer the Heather Ross fabrics, they are so whimsical without being childish, I love that. I’m sure I’d incorporate them into a quilt somehow (although they’d also make a cute swingy summer top). Thanks for the chance at winning.

  189. I like the Katie Jumprope Set best. I would try to make a small purse and clutch for myself and both of my daughters.
    And if there would be enough scraps left over I would use those for a fun Cathedral Window Pillow.

    Thanks for the opportunity to enter your give away.

  190. I love the Katie Jump rope selection! What great fabric! Crossing my fingers that my number is picked.

  191. I like the Heather Ross fabrics. I would make some coasters or small clutch purses.

  192. I love the Heather Ross fabric. I don’t think I could cut it up! I’d have to frame a square or two!

  193. I had no idea what to choose, but I’m going with Heather Ross only because I have the entire Katie Jump Rope fat quarter set. I will probably put them into a quilt of some sort.


  194. That Heather Ross fabric is just dreamy. I think I would make something beachy, given the theme. A girl’s sundress, perhaps?

  195. Oh, I love love love the Medicino range! Fingers and toes crossed! Thanks for the chance to win πŸ™‚

  196. oh hello! what a lovely giveaway, how generous. i’d love the mendocino line, and i’d use it to make some clothes for my baby girl, patchwork skirts and the like…thanks!

  197. What a generous giveaway! I love them both…but I’d have to choose the Heather Ross. I think some of it would work really well in the quilt I’m planning for my son.

  198. hi there,
    thank you for the chance to win one of these cute gifts! if i were to pick a favorite, i’d have to go with the Katie Jump Rope set. initially i thought i would definitely use to make some coordinating bags for a friend, but actually… i’m sorta smitten myself!!

  199. I am partial to the mendocino patterns. I would make a handbag or two. =)

  200. I’d love heather ross. I just checked a book out at teh library today with the cutest bags in it. I would probably make one of those!

  201. Ah, I adore the Mendicino line! Thanks for playing! I love to make little pouches and bags, so it would probably go towards embellishments for those.

  202. Hmmm, I can’t decide which I prefer. Probably the first so that I could make pillows for my daughter who’s loving those color combos lately.

  203. I like the Katie Jump rope fabric so that would be my choice. I ‘d like to try making some zippered pouches or even a fabric basket. I have really enjoyed reading your blog – what neat experiences you’ve had. Thanks for sharing!

  204. Wow, thanks for a chance to win these fabrics. I would adore either, but will pick the Denyse Schmidt to use in a school house quilt for my sisters baby due in October.
    Very generous…Thanks!

  205. I would love the Heather Ross pack. I am a big fan of her fabrics. I would probably make a bag out of it!

  206. I love the Katie Jump Rope set. I’m thinking they’ll make a nice patchwork skirt, or a cute baby sling, or a fun pillow…

  207. Hi!! awesome giveaway!! yay! I love the first set, I just canΒ΄t resist Mendocino line, itΒ΄s gorgeous!!
    Thanks for the chance to win!

  208. I love the Heather Ross set. Thanks for the fabulous blog and giveaway.

  209. Count me in for the Mendocino, I’d use it to make something for my daughter – a softie or a blanket I think.

  210. Love the mendocino fabrics!!
    They’d find their way into a couple clutches (for me and a lucky birthday girl!) and of course some scraps for a quilt.

  211. The Katie Jump Rope set is perfect for the trim on some dresses for my triplet nieces. They always want a new dress or shirt or skirt when they come to see me on Mondays and Fridays so any fabric I can beg, borrow or win comes in handy for making them smile.

  212. I love the Heather Ross, I am not sure I have a project in mind that is worthy… Maybe a great bag of some kind πŸ™‚

  213. Awesome giveaway!

    I am 8. I am learning how to sew. I have been doing some embroidery stitches. My 6 year old brother is learning some too. I hope to be on the machine before the end of summer. There are pictures of both of us sewing together and of our projects on my blog. Further down in previous posts, I also have pictures of my family, mom, dad, 15 month brother and other brother and sister. We homeschool.

    I am having a giveaway as well at

    and so is my mom at http://www.sewingwithtrudy.blogspot.com

  214. I would pick the Heather Ross. I have a pattern for a child’s apron that only needs 1/2 yard, and I’ve been thinking about the Mendocino line for months and months now!

  215. although I love the colors in the first set, I would want the second set so I could make my daughter and my niece aprons. They will be so cute!!!

    share_l_h (at) hotmail

  216. I like the second set of fabric and would use them to make softies – a giraffe, robot, people…it’s endless really!
    Thanks for your give-away!!

  217. hmmmmmmm, pretty tough decision to take

    but I think I go for the Heather Ross cause they would make a great dress for my godchild

  218. Wow! What generous giveaway packages! Since I have to choose one I would pick the Mendocino pack. (I’d take to Katie Jump Rope set without any arm-twisting, though.). You have a great blog and I look forward to discovering more of it. =]

  219. Hi, this is great…. i would choose the 2nd set and I would probably try my hand at making a small quilt for a twin bed. Thank you!
    Rose Hunte

  220. I’d be delighted with either, but if I had to choose, it would be the bottom set.
    I’m thinking placemats and a table runner. Those colors would work well in my dining room.

  221. hello terry! I think i’m gravitating towards the 2nd set! It’s my fave color scheme right now.

    Thanks for offering such a sweet giveaway!

  222. wow, they are both beautiful, but I think at the moment the heather ross colors are appealing to me more.
    I have to confess that I probably wouldn’t do anything interesting with them at all, I’d be too tempted to stretch them on canvas holder-things and hang them on the wall . . .

  223. I love Heather Ross Mendocino! My sister loves all things mermaid, so I’ll make something for her. I’m not sure what yet, maybe a bag, bath mat…or?

  224. I have been eyeballing that Heather Ross fabric for awhile now! Just haven’t gotten around to purchasing any. . . Not sure what I would use it for – maybe some purses, a patchwork skirt. . . so many ideas!

    Thank for the giveaway!

  225. I like both of them, but the second is my favorite. I am planning to make my first quilted bag this summer and this fabric would be perfect!

  226. Love it all!
    So sweet of you to do this, please put my name in the drawing πŸ™‚

  227. Hi, Terri! How generous! I would make handbags out of the Katie Jump Rope fabric, I have a new design in my head that these would be perfect for.


  228. WOW, I don’t know which fabric bundle that I like more!!! I guess the bottom one on your website. They are both wonderful packages. Thank you so much for doing this…..

  229. I really love the first set of fabric. They are all great!


  230. Both sets are on top of my shopping list (next year for I am on a self-impose stashing ban this year and so far succeeding). I would like the second set, katie jump rope.

  231. I love both these designers and lines, but I would really rather have Heather Ross, as I love her line but do not have any yet other than a scrap or two! Thanks!

  232. Oh, definitely the Heather Ross. Once finals were over, I was planning to buy some anyway for some of the wedding quilts that I’m making this summer.

    Thanks for offering them up!

  233. I would love the catie jump rope set… I think I would make a beach blanket out of it… SOOO sute!

    Thanks for being so generous!


  234. I am a Katie Jump Rope fan. I would totally make a picnic quilt to use when we go to the park. Thanks for the awesome giveaway.

  235. So hard to choose. But I think I would pick the bottom set and use it to make a check book cover, zipper pouch and a note book cover. Thanks for the chance to win.

  236. I love the Jump rope set. I would piece the fabric together to make a diaper bag with tons of pockets. I think that would be pretty chic. I don’t want a diaper bag that looks like a diaper bag if you know what I mean? Would rather have it look like a fashion statement πŸ™‚

  237. I prefer the first set, but if you’re drawing everybody for both fabrics, count me in for the second also! I’d probably make an apron–I’m totally obsessed with the idea of them at the moment.

  238. I like the Heather Ross fabric more..but really both sets are great! I would probably use the fabric to make some type of patchwork bag.

  239. I like the Mendocino fabric pack. I am planning on decorating dish clothes and making hot pads for Christmas presents this year and they would be really pretty.

  240. I like the second set! And I think I’d use them for a quilt I need to make for my daughter who’s moving to a “big girl bed”.
    Thanks for a great giveaway!

  241. Do I have to choose?!?! I would take either set and let the fabric inspire me…maybe some cloth napkins for a picnic basket with a little matching tablecloth?…

  242. GREAT giveaway! Mendocino for sure. I am obsessed with seahorses, so that’s an automatic winner for me. I’d use it in a cute baby quilt for a friend’s new baby!

  243. I would love the Mendocino set. That is my current favorite line right now….I am saving my pennies to buy a bunch for numerous babies headed to our family soon.

  244. I’d love the Mendocino the set. It’s just beautiful =) Please count me in.

  245. I really like the first set, it would make a great table runner and placemats. Thanks for the chance.

  246. Wow, so generous!! I love the mendochino fabric (which by the way doesn’t actually exist in ANY store in Calgary, Alberta)! I would either put it into a bright beautiful quilt, or make a gerat summery table runner to go on our dining room table. Either way, just looking at that fabric makes me drool.

  247. The heather ross fabric is my fave. I would make matching aprons for me and my daughter out of it… and maybe a little onesie pant set for my little one that’s on the way if there’s extra

  248. Oh i love the Heather Ross set! I would make some cute little dresses for my god-daughter!

  249. If I were blessed enough to win, I’d like you to choose my gift, please and thanks. They are both beautiful.

  250. I would love the heather ross fabric. I would make some baby bibs and other baby supplies for my new baby.

  251. Anything bright for me, thanks!
    I think I’m going to win!

  252. i would love the first set by heather ross. i would love to usethe fabric for a table runner. πŸ™‚

  253. Yummy! (yes, that’s how I feel about BOTH of these lines)
    please for the Katie Jump Rope. For a purse. I just ordered several patterns and am DYING to get to work. YES! Katie Jump Rope pretty please!

    Thanks! What an awesome and generous giveaway!

  254. loving the first set! πŸ™‚ They’d make neat fabric flower brooches!

    Please enter me in the draw and don’t forget to enter mine!

  255. Oh my gosh, this is SUCH a generous giveaway! I am loving the Mendocino fabric, I’ve been eyeing it for some time now! I’ve seen so many fabulous quilts made out of this, and I think that I would do the same! Hope I win!!

  256. Katie Jump Rope! I already have a few pieces, so I would have enough with these to make a throw quilt – I’m not sure what pattern tho.

  257. Ive been wanting to try a coin quilt which I would make for my daughter if i won I would love the katie jump rope fabric. Thanks for the opportuity

  258. I would love the second set (although having just finished a quilt in the Heather Ross i can vouch for it’s absolute gorgeousness!).

  259. This is sooo cruel (but nice…)! Making us choose between the two, they are both so gorgeous… I would have to say the Mendocino though, I already have a piece of Mermaids and I would probably use both this and the prize in the quile I’m planning for my baby, in brown, cream and orange tones. Thankyou!

  260. Great giveaway. Love both sets but would love to win set #2. I will be making a tote bag and a camera case for dh who just bought a camrea and with scraps I want a phone case for me πŸ™‚

  261. Could make bags with the Katie Jump Rope Fabrics πŸ™‚
    Thanks for a great giveaway !

  262. OMG Octopus fabric! I’ve been lusting after the octopus Mendocino prints since I first saw them. I’ve got this thing I call the Octopus Project, where I try to make an octopus (or something octopus/cephalopod related) in every crafty technique and material I can get my hands on, and these fabrics would be perfect! I imagine making a bag, or applique, or an appliqued bag.

  263. I would love the Mendocino fabric for a little baby quilt… I have two friends who are pregnant and would like to give each one of them a quilt handmade by me! Plus, I never get tired of working with orange fabrics… πŸ™‚

    Thanks for the chance (also for internationals, otherwise…) and cheers from Spain!

  264. I like the Katie Jump Rope Fabrics. I think I’d try to squeeze a cute outfit out of them for one of my girls. Very generous giveaway. I like your blog!

  265. They are both nice. I think I would prefer the Katie Jump Rope as I’ve been longing for some of that for a long time. I don’t know what I’d make- some sofites? perhaps a doll quilt, maybe a skirt ofr my 3yo gd.

  266. Wow! I would love either set, but my choice would be the Katie Jump Rope, which would probably be made into some accessories-wallet, belt, cell phone case. Or possibly a cute dress for my niece. Thanks!

  267. I like both sets, but the second one a little bit more. I don’t know what I would do with the fabric. I want to make a picnic blanket this summer, so maybe that?
    Thanks so much!

  268. Love both sets, but j’adore the 1st set! I’m envisioning a super funky skirt!!
    Now time to go look at the rest of your blog and search for inspiration!

  269. I love the oranges in the Katie Jump Rope set. I always think bags, but after all this blog-surfing, I’m sure I can come up with something even better! Thanks for the great giveaway!

  270. Wow – I really do love both sets – if my life depended on it I would say the Heather Ross, but under any other circumstances I couldn’t pick πŸ™‚

  271. Top set! I think it would look great in a quilt, maybe I will attempt my first large quilt. Log cabin? Not sure. Thanks for participating in the give away!

  272. I really like the second set! I’m in desperate need of a new purse, so I think I’d use it to make myself one =)

  273. Ooh, that’s tough, but I’d have to go with the Heather Ross. Thanks for the giveaway!

  274. I love the Mendocino Fabric set. So cute! I think I would fashion a purse out of them.

    Thanks for participating in the giveaways!

  275. I love Heather Ross fabrics! I’d use them to make a bag and/or an apron–something fancy and pretty that shows off that fabric.

  276. I love the second set the best! And right away I knew that I would make a table top quilt to brighten up my kitchen table! Yahoo!

  277. I would honestly be THRILLED with either set – to choose between Heather Ross and Denise Schmidt is almost impossible.
    I lean towards the Katie Jump Rope fabrics just because I think they would make such a fun apron.

  278. I like the Mendocino fabrics. I would probably make a quilt with them. I am not very adventurous! Very nice giveaway.

  279. How in the world could i choose!? I guess i’ll have to go with Katie Jump Rope since I just finished a quilt using heather’s mendicino line.

  280. I love the heather ross fabrics and would make something from her Weekend Sewing book. I am just waiting for time for the napkins, aprons, and finn pants!

  281. I love the Mendocino bundle by Heather Ross! And I’d make a bag and a quilt for my bedroom! I love this line!!
    Thank you for the great giveaway and the chance to win!

  282. I would so love the first set!! I’m picturing a cute summer dress as summer is right around the corner for us here in Wisconsin! And who knows if there’s a little left over..mama needs a new bag!

  283. Oh the Heather Ross! I love her fabrics. Love Denyse Schmidt too, but Heather more πŸ™‚ What would I do? How about a lap quilt so I could see those lovely fabrics every day while I snuggled under them to keep warm over the winter. Nothing too complicated, just let those fab designs shine through.

  284. So hard to choose, but I do LOVE the Mendocino line. Since I lived near there, it makes me remember nice things! πŸ˜‰

    serenakate at gmail dot com

  285. HI, I quite like both! But I think the top one is my fav and would nice made up as a bag- or a quilt with large pieces,
    Thanks for your giveaway.

  286. Either please!!
    I need gender neutral fabrics for two “wait and see” baby quilts I’m doing this summer for friends!

    Both these would be great!!

    Tia xxx

  287. The Heather Ross fabric is my favorite though I would be happy with either prize – they are both fantastic. If I won I think I’d either make my girls some skirts or maybe my first quilt.

  288. oh, I desperately crave the Heather Ross fabric! I have yet to see any of this in person and it would be perfect for a beach quilt I want to make and it would be a requirement in our beach and pool tote bags. So cute! Thank you for the generous offer!

  289. I like the second set. I would make a nice patchwork purse or something.

    Thanks for doing this giveaway!

  290. Definitely the Heather Ross – and I’d make some sweet baby togs, something cute! Thanks for doing such a great giveaway!

  291. Wonderful giveaway, I adore the 2nd set! It would be perfect for a quilt that I am collecting fabric for!
    Great blog – very inspirational, I’m a big fan of your work!

    ugli.tangelo.fruit at gmail dot com

  292. WOW the denyse schmidt for sure. ive loved her since i saw her in a catalog many years ago…was it garnet hill? maybe sundance? i would try my hand at a wonky log cabin for sure!

  293. Katie Jump Rope for me!!! I have been slowly making a stash of this collection, and I don’t have any of those prints! I’m becoming a huge fan of retro-inspired prints, and ever so slowly, accumulating enough to hopefully make a quilt. Thanks for hosting such a great giveaway. Come swing by my blog…I have one running too!

  294. Loving the Denise fabrics. Maybe I’d use some of it for Heather Ross’s Lucy Kimono pattern.

  295. oh i love the heather ross set… but really, i’d be so happy with the second set too…

    I think I’m wanting to start a beach quilt for our trip to the shore this July… so the mendocino set would be so perfect.

    becky1776 AT yahoo DOT com

  296. i’d like the first set! i don’t know yet what i’d make…probably a fun twirly skirt, of which i already have two, but you can never have too many!

  297. Oh, both so cute, but I’d go with the Heather Ross Mendocino fabrics. I’m getting ready to start on a stacked coins quilt made exclusively of Heather Ross fabrics, and these would be beautiful to include!

  298. Both fabric sets are amazing! If I had to choose, I would “Lean” towards the Heather Ross set, but I also like the Katie Jump Rope…I would make a skirt or dress for my daughter from the fabrics, or a bag for me, or a patchwork apron, or…oh the ideas go on and on!

  299. I think the Katie Jump Rope set. I LOVE both sets, but I think for what I have in mind dresses for my 4 year old daughter that set would be good.

  300. Such fabulous fabric, I don’t think I’d be able to choose. If I am lucky enough to be picked, i’ll take which ever one the other winner doesn’t want!

  301. Well, I’m glad you decided to join in on the fun for the giveaway. It’s very cool to bump into someone so close to me. You’re only about an hour north of where I live. Very neat with all these sites to find one so close.

    I LOVE that 2nd set of fabrics you are giving away. Katie jump rope. Cute name for fabric. That would make an adorable purse or outfit even for my granddaughter.

    Thank you for the chance to win this.

  302. Katie Jump Rope fabric seems to be all the rage! And I’d love to hold some in my hand. Pls enter me. Thanks!

  303. I love Heather Ross, but actually think I’d prefer teh Jump Rope Fabrics! Such great colors and designs. I’d probably use them for a clutch for myself– my new obsession, and cute top or two for my daughter. Thanks!

  304. i pick the first set. i love those colors!! thanks for the opportunity! πŸ˜‰

  305. I love the katie jump rope line. I would make some patchy pillows with it…… This is quite the giveaway Terri! πŸ™‚

  306. I love the Katie Jump Rope! I’ve never had anything from that designer. It’s the real yummy stuff!

    Thanks for participating in this great day.

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