A Postcard Package

Have you ever seen a quilted postcard in person? I have seen them in many magazines, such as Quilting Arts and Artful Blogging. I always thought they were beautiful mini art.

This lovely quilted postcard showed up in my mailbox yesterday, courtesy of my friend Kim who won one of my fabric giveaways in May.

quilted postcardThe words are beautifully appliqued, and the lovely flowers are outlined with different thread colors. The orange fabric is quilted to the fabric backing in a ripple design, and the card is framed with fun yarn trim. She also sent me this adorable notepad.

notepad and postcardI think this is such a thoughtful and generous way to say thank you.  I love it, Kim!

9 thoughts on “A Postcard Package

  1. So cute-I’ve considered making quilted cards and such but haven’t gotten that far yet. I seem to fill up my time with “stuff” and don’t get the creative projects done like I’d like.

    Found your comment on Lindamade. You have a lovely blog.

  2. I’m glad you like it, it was fun to make. The postcard and journal (11″X14″ or 8″ X 10″) quilts are great to practice your free motion quilting on and something you can finish rather quickly.

    Happy Quilting!!!

  3. How awesome is that. Some people don’t even bother emailing me to say they received their giveaway prize which is fine I guess but how nice of Kim to send you a thank you postcard. 🙂
    I have seen them before in Artful Blogging and thought of making some myself, just haven’t had the time.

  4. I love the postcard! I only heard about these recently and decided they would be wonderful little surprises to send to people, e.g., my daughter away at college, my best friend in another state, my mother-in-law. And that was a wonderful way to say, “thank you.” If I ever win a giveaway, I’m going to have to make a quilted postcard thank you, too.

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