Weekends Go Too Fast

I can’t believe how fast the weekends go!  Especially when you’re having so much fun. We welcomed my sister and two nieces back to America from their first year of living in China.

Abby coming off the plane

They were so excited to be back!

Amanda and MaryKay back home!We spent the past two days shopping, from Target to the grocery store to Kohl’s to Boston Store to Barnes and Noble. We shopped until we dropped! They were happy to see children’s menus at restaurants, Western bathrooms, bookstores full of American magazines, convenient foods in the grocery deli, cereal that didn’t cost $10/box, blue skies, fresh air, and wide open spaces.  We fell back into our routines of eating, cracking jokes and sharing stories, playing, going for walks, and just catching up.

It’s going to be a great six weeks having them around!

10 thoughts on “Weekends Go Too Fast

  1. I am now very curious about the restrooms in China! Or maybe not?!! It’s cool to be reminded of how lucky we are here in the U.S. right around the fourth!

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