Remember My Candy Quilt?

Remember earlier this year when I made this quilt top? I was in a design class at the time, so I didn’t have a lot of extra time to teach myself to machine quilt this one. I shipped the quilt top off to a friend of mines who owns a long-arm quilting business.

candy quilt on the bench

In the meantime, I taught myself how to machine quilt and even do free motion quilting, so if I had been more patient, which is definitely not one of my strengths, I could have finished this one myself.

candy quilt in the grass

About six months later, I got it back! I couldn’t have quilted it this good myself, especially with those adorable little flowers in there.

quilted flower

I was anxious to finish the binding so I could use this one, just for a picnic quilt or lap quilt.

binding and backing on Candy Quilt

The chocolate lollipop fabrics remain one of my all time favorite collections. I still have a big stack of these fabrics in my stash, and I’m hoarding cherishing them.

chocolate lollipop quilt

I would love to make more projects with them, and I know where I can buy more, but I have been trying to cut down on fabric purchases. Don’t ask me why. Just because.

13 thoughts on “Remember My Candy Quilt?

  1. The flower motif in the quilting is perfect! I’ve been trying to cut down on fabric purchases, too…but I did buy 4 yards yesterday because it was 75% off (and it would be a great stash builder)!

  2. Wow, Love the quilting on your quilt and the two tone pink sashing and border. Those fabrics are delicious! Great job!! I try to cut back on fabrics too, but I’m here to tell you it isn’t working.

  3. Love your completed Chocolate Lollipop! It is one of my favourite fabrics too:) The quilter did a grat job – the flower design is the perfect finishing touch.

  4. Ahhhh…the magic of long-arm quilting. Love it, Terri. Sometimes it’s fun to have something that is a little different from the loveliness we create with our own hands. Enjoy that one.


  5. Wow it turned out lovely, especially the flower stitches. I still haven’t made a quilt out of my Chocolate Lollipop yet. Maybe I’ll use them for my wonky cabin blocks…..

  6. That is too cute! I love the quilty flowers. I have never used any chocolate lollipop, but I think it is a great line of fabric. I can understand why you “cherish” it.

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