Remember My Candy Quilt?

Remember earlier this year when I made this quilt top? I was in a design class at the time, so I didn’t have a lot of extra time to teach myself to machine quilt this one. I shipped the quilt top off to a friend of mines who owns a long-arm quilting business.

candy quilt on the bench

In the meantime, I taught myself how to machine quilt and even do free motion quilting, so if I had been more patient, which is definitely not one of my strengths, I could have finished this one myself.

candy quilt in the grass

About six months later, I got it back! I couldn’t have quilted it this good myself, especially with those adorable little flowers in there.

quilted flower

I was anxious to finish the binding so I could use this one, just for a picnic quilt or lap quilt.

binding and backing on Candy Quilt

The chocolate lollipop fabrics remain one of my all time favorite collections. I still have a big stack of these fabrics in my stash, and I’m hoarding cherishing them.

chocolate lollipop quilt

I would love to make more projects with them, and I know where I can buy more, but I have been trying to cut down on fabric purchases. Don’t ask me why. Just because.


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