My New Favorite

When we were in New York last month for my birthday, we tried red velvet cupcakes from the famous Magnolia Bakery.

It’s so famous, there was a line to get inside. It was worth the wait because their cupcakes are so delicious!

I decided to try making red velvet cake for Christmas. I haven’t made a cake from scratch in so many years. I used this recipe, but I made my version two layers since I only have two cake pans.

I only had one bottle of red food coloring instead of the two bottles the recipe called for, so it didn’t turn out as red as the professional versions.

It was still quite tasty and fun to try making myself!

15 thoughts on “My New Favorite

  1. Oooohhh, that looks good, although I would just go for chocolate, chocolate, chocolate! If you would like a different recipe to try, I have a couple of good friends — here in the South — that make a great red velvet cake. I want to visit NYC so bad!! I hope to get there soon. — michele

  2. Hey Terri, hope you enjoyed your trip to NYC! Sorry I missed you! But we’ll see ya in MN… Happy Holidays! Magnolia does have yummy cupcakes…yum! Love red velvet cakes!

  3. Oh, That looks so yummy.. There’s a cupcake shop in Scottsdale from Beverly Hills called “Sprinkles”. I had my first cupcake from there at a Christmas party this year. I might have to go there and see if they have red velvet cupcakes. Or I may just have to make some.

  4. I have never heard of red velvet cake before – yours looks absolutely delicious! We have been baking a lot since Christmas – it is nice having the time to potter around in the kitchen.

  5. Oh, my gosh!! My mouth is watering! That might work well for Valentine’s Day, too. I prefer your red to the intense red – more appetizing! Stay warm this week!

    1. Thanks Nicole! I just heard from someone earlier today that Magnolia Bakery has a couple cookbooks out, so I’m going to try their recipe too, but in cupcakes next time. I might add more cocoa powder too because 2 tablespoons just didn’t seem chocolately enough.


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