Another Favorite – Granola

Winter is now officially here to stay for awhile. We got another six inches of snow, so our world looks like a wonderland again.

I have to wait four more months for the outdoor farmers market to start up again. That means I have to make my own granola. I used my favorite recipe by Barefoot Contessa, which I love so much that I wouldn’t change a single thing. I included some treasured coconut from my friend Dorrie, who lives on the most beautiful farm in northern California. Check out her virtual tour here for lovely pictures!

Since I live in Madison, it’s a requirement that I eat granola, right? LOL. Honestly, I adore granola, so even though this batch looks big, it probably won’t last long in my house. I sprinkle it on my morning cereal, and then sneak another handful. I snack on it before bedtime too.

After this batch is consumed, I am going to try these homemade granola bars.

But first, we are going to visit my brother in Minneapolis this weekend. Besides seeing my bro, I am looking forward to going to the Mall of America!


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