New Fabrics to Show Off

Do you ever have a stash of blog posts either floating around in your head or saved as drafts? Right now I only have about two or three drafts saved and ready to publish when the accompanying sewing projects are completed. I hope to have a couple new products to post in my shop this week, and I’m looking forward to finishing a couple more sewing projects later in the week or over the weekend, when I always have more free time. 

For now, I want to share with you these new fabrics I received in the mail from my friend Dorrie

mostly polka dots!


She sent me this stack of adorable fabrics just for fun, mostly polka dots with a couple stripes for good measure. I read recently that polka dots are the latest trend so I’m looking forward to playing with this cool stack. They can be so charming, bringing cheer to a sewing project. Thanks Dorrie! 

This is so fun having all of my virtual friends out there to talk about fabric and sewing, to share tools and tips, and to encourage each other. I’ll be back soon with some actual sewing projects!


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