Asian Sunbonnet Sue

Have you ever seen a Sunbonnet Sue block with an Asian twist? I had never seen such a quilting block until I received this mini quilt in the mail over the weekend. (actually I made up the name Asian Sunbonnet Sue)

Amy just spent the past couple weeks on vacation in Vietnam, and brought this treasure back for me. Yes, for me, little ole’ me! She hasn’t posted pictures yet from her 2010 trip, but her 2009 trip to Vietnam and Cambodia looked amazing. What a beautiful place! Be sure to watch her blog for an update on her latest trip.

Inside this adorable  patchwork card she made with these lovely Freshcut fabrics by Heather Bailey (which by the way matches my kitchen table cloth and valance) she wrote that she bought this mini quilt at a shop in the Old Quarter of Hanoi called Vietnam Quilts, a non-profit organization that provides employment for women in rural areas by training them to make quilts. Profits go to fund scholarships for children, health education for women, and more. I’m speechless. How amazing to own something handmade by one of those women on the other side of the world!

Amy, you are so thoughtful and sweet! Thank you so much for thinking of me enough to bring back a gift from your vacation. I love it!

13 thoughts on “Asian Sunbonnet Sue

  1. I’m so glad you like it! I just love organizations like that, and the fact that it was centered around quilting was just so great! Hope you sign up for the Heather Ross class — would be great to get together in Portland!

  2. I really need to join in these swaps. I love looking at all the wonderful things you get from your partners around the world. 🙂 That Asian Sunbonnet Sue is adorable!

  3. Such a wonderful gifts! I adore that Asian Sunbonnet Sue lots! Your friend has such a lovely blog. Thanks so much for sharing! Have a lovely merry happy weeek and love to you!

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