Shop Update – Makeup Bags

I am excited to reveal the  new makeup bags in my shop!

Remember when I made these makeup bags last fall for a weekend getaway?  These sizes work especially well for travel – the pink one holds my makeup and “stuff” and the brownish one holds my toiletry items and “stuff.”

Believe it or not, this pencil pouch was my inspiration. I love that size, even though it doesn’t have a flat bottom and doesn’t look very girly. This particular bag was probably made in another country, but it works fine (for now) to hold my sketching pens and pencils.

I use my quilted makeup bags constantly, so I thought someone else out there might like them too.

For you fabric enthusiasts, in this first batch, I used fabrics from the Good Folks collection and the Pop Garden collection. I’ve got a couple patchwork makeup bags lined up on my sewing table in a wonderful variety of Sis Boom fabrics too. (sneak peak in yesterday’s post)

They each measure 9 inches wide and 8 inches tall, offering plenty of room to hold foundation, powder, brushes, even a comb and hair styling products. Yes, I like to use a lot of products!

I added some fancy embellishments to these, making them a little more special than the plain old makeup bags you get when it’s freebie days at the department stores.

They are colorful, girly and functional – what more could you ask for!

This is my newest and favorite sewing project, so I will be adding more to the my shop. Thanks for stopping by for a visit.


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