I looked out the window this weekend, and started yelling when I saw this.

The robins have returned – a sure sign around around here that Spring is very near!

We were lucky to have a full week of sunshine, so I jumped for joy when I saw this slowly exposing itself in our yard.

Signs of grass under the melting snow!

You know what comes next, right?

Bulbs! Notice those bulbs on the left – dang rabbits are already munching on my plants.

Yippee, join me in doing the happy dance for these signs of Spring – my favorite season is coming!

9 thoughts on “Signs

  1. I haven’t seen the robins yet here in Indiana, but we have crocus and daffodil bulbs also popping out…now if we could find a nice way to keep the bunnies away!! bring on spring!

  2. Yes it is a good sign of spring. We had alot of cardinals in our yard this weekend. We have no snow left and it has been very warm this weekend. Right now it is about 65 outside. Just loving it. I am also doing the happy dance.

  3. I saw a robin today too! Our bulbs are coming up too (though I must admit, my husband is the gardener-not me) and the rabbits and deer have attacked them. According to Andrew we may not have azaleas this year because the silly rabbits ate all the buds!

  4. I’m happy to see spring is on it’s way in your neck of the woods. We’re getting rain and cool weather here. Those pesky bunnies. I had to put up chicken wire around my plants at my former residence to protect my flowers.

  5. Hurray for spring! We’ve had robins all winter but now the bluebirds are claiming their boxes. Sure sign of warmer weather:) Can’t wait for the hummers to show up!

  6. Yet another thing we have in common-Spring is my favorite, also! It does not last long enough, does it? Can’t be long now!!

  7. I’ll do the happy dance with you! yay! There is nothing so thrilling in the spring as seeing your bulbs start to bloom. And did I tell you that I love your make up bags in your earlier post? I love them! Love the extra little bling you put on them too. You’re so creative. Happy day!

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