Partners for Ornament Swap in July

I sent out everyone’s partner information for the Ornament Swap in July, so let me know if you have not received that email from me. I am happy to report that we have 21 swappers participating in this exchange!

  • Here is the link to a new Flickr group for us to share photos of our projects. I added a couple pictures of handmade ornaments from my stash.
  • This link will take you to a post with more pictures and suggestions.

Just a reminder that the deadline to mail your package is July 31, so you have a few weeks to create and craft. Have fun with your projects!

6 thoughts on “Partners for Ornament Swap in July

  1. Terri,
    Thanks so much for all your work. It’s going to be fun. Thanks also for setting up the flickr group. I always love to see what everyone swaps.

  2. Hi, Terri! Busy week-end, huh? Another Newbie question: Can I contact my partner to find out what specifically she enjoys most about the Holidays? Even as I write this I know it must be O.K.! This is fun; thank you so much!!

  3. home from the small summer holiday yesterday. have looked at my partner website now. will start this weeked working on the ornament.


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