Back Home Again

We disappeared for the weekend, escaped to my parents’ cottage in northern Wisconsin.

It’s always a wonderful sight to take in the lovely flowers and landscaping my mom has planted surrounding the house.

Their cottage is located in a small bay on the Green Bay side of the peninsula in Lake Michigan.

It feels like you’re on the ocean, minus the warm salt water and palm trees.

Some of the shorelines are gorgeous rocky escarpments, which you can’t appreciate unless you’re on a boat. We were lucky to get the boat out this weekend.

The area is full of harbors featuring water sports, and lots of quiet little towns offering shopping, arts and culture, and restaurants. We have our favorite places we visit every time we are in the area. I love stopping in at Quilters Quest, which has a great selection, including holiday prints, batiks, Kaffe, and nautical fabrics. I also love spending time in Red Sock Yarns, where I usually spend at least an hour contemplating what I should make. I couldn’t resist buying some yarn to make a couple simple scarves, two sets of fabric to make winter table runners, and yarn to make a big floppy hat!

It’s refreshing to spend the afternoon playing in the water.

We were lucky to wind down the day in front of a campfire. We roasted those new giant marshmallows, which were quite messy and especially yummy squished in between graham crackers and a chocolate bar!

It was our third family weekend in a row, this time with my parents, my brother and his daughter, and my sister’s family.

I always love a getaway to the lake cottage, but it does feel good to be home again.

18 thoughts on “Back Home Again

  1. Please don’t be ticked at me for pointing it out, but I love, love your yarn typo – I know you will be busying that yarn! And, oh, yea – the scenery is breath-taking! Oh, want, want, want!!

  2. Beautiful – breath taking. It was alot of fun I’m sure. And the campfire, just love the campfire and marshmellows. Wish I was there. Glad you had a great time.

  3. Terri, I just love you Mum’s home and garden, what a lovely weekend escape with family. Thank you for sharing. Love that bright yarn. I hope you have a great week.
    Happy days.

  4. I don’t know how you can possibly want to come home from that gorgeous place. SO jealous. And in Door County yet too. I just love that area and made my first trip up there about three years ago. I’ve lived in this area (Northern IL) all my life and had never gone to Door County until then, can you believe that? It was a quick overnight trip too so I didn’t get much time to wander and see too much, and for sure no fabric shops were found then. I may have to see if we can sneak in another trip up there soon.

  5. What a gorgeous setting to spend time with your family! I think your creative juices would really flow in a place like that. The weather looks perfect, too!

  6. Looks like you had a wonderful weekend… what a gorgeous setting. I love the flowers surrounding your Mom’s cottage. What a breathtaking setting! Our dream is to have a cabin on water someday! Enjoyed your blog and pictures! 🙂

  7. Beautiful place!!!! Beautiful family!
    I have not been to lake michigan, only lake superior and that side of nw wisc. It looks amazing! gotta put that on a the list of places to go..

  8. What a wonderful family weekend! It’s always so nice to be on/by water during the summer, and the gardens are lovely!

    And what a treat to get some new fabric and yarn for some new projects as well!

    Take care,


  9. I always love weekend getaways and your getaway at your parent’s cottage is sooo wonderful! So happy to see you and your family with such a lovely relaxing time! Your parent’s cottage is soo cozy and beautiful! Loving yoru family protrait! Have a lovely merry happy day and love to you sweet friend!

  10. WOW. I’m a North Carolina girl, so I’m partial to the beach but I THINK I could get used to that lake! I’m always amazed by large bodies of water (that aren’t the ocean!) being tidal, very cool! Beautiful cottage, beautiful family! Looks like you had a wonderful time 🙂

  11. Very nice…It is sooo good to go on vacation…and so nice that your family all went! Nice memories for the winter time!

  12. I love, love, love your parents cottage. That water is beckoning me too it’s been so HOT here these past couple of months. I’ll have to come back here later this week and look at it on my computer. My phone just doesn’t do pictures on blogs justice.
    p.s. I love your family picture. I need to do that more often with mine. 🙂

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