Workbook Pages

I’ve had a subscription to the American Patchwork and Quilting magazine for about ten years, and I still love it. Even though I don’t always make something from each issue, I still read them from cover to cover, including the ads. I also love their seasonal magazine Quilts and More, which comes out four times a year.

One of my favorite regular features are the Workbook Pages, where the editors provide tips and techniques on fabrics, thread, sewing needles, pins and more.

I especially love this guide on thread and sewing machine needle recommendations for various stitching.

Since I don’t have a lot of space to save old magazines, and I’m not a saver, these are exactly the types of articles I would tear out and put into plastic sheet protectors to save for future reference. I thought this might be another small best practice worth sharing with you.


  • i NEED these magazines in my life. I already subscribe to way too many magazines but I give the ones I read to the library down the street and save only a select few. Like I could really throw away Martha Stewart Living! 😉 But these magazines… I would keep these around for life!!

  • Thanks for sharing this Terri. I am always wondering if I should get a subscription to a quilting magazine, will I read it, and what is a good one to subscribe to. Also there is the cost. So maybe I can politely tell my MIL instead of getting me Readers Digest (that I never look at anymore) please can you get me an American Patchwork & Quilting one!! HEhe…

  • That’s exactly what I do if I want to save something from AP&Q! 🙂

  • Hi, Terri. I’ve been wondering about thread and needles lately. Is that article from the latest issue, or just one that you have saved from a previous issue?

    • Joan, I think that article about the thread and needles was from the June 2010 issue. Let me know if you don’t have it; I can send you a copy. ~Terri

  • This was such a great post. I had started organizing the tutorials I have printed out, but needed to fine tune my system. This is perfect!! Thanks.

  • Great idea to tear out the best articles/projects/tips. I keep the whole magazine but am starting to find that I am running out of space.

  • I have never seen the forked pins that are in that article. They look like they would be something fantastic to use. I agree with you about storing clippings in binders. Periodically, it pays to just sit down and look through the binders to remind yourself what you put in there!

  • I’ve been trying to decide which magazine to subscribe to, there are SO many! I haven’t been quilting that long and a 10 year subscription…well that speaks for itself! I suppose this one will be the winner 🙂 P.S. We have that last workbook page tacked up on our board at Wish Upon a Quilt. I couldn’t figure out where it came from-good to know!

  • I have been getting their magazine for many years too! I look forward to every issue.

    But I have to admit, I have a really hard time giving them up! I save all of them, but then, I like to save everything! lol!

    Thanks for the reminder of all of the great tips they include!

  • Great idea…and AP & Q is by far my favorite of all the quilting magazines…I love their Quilts and More and Shop Sampler magazine too…I also go through and save pages…I have a big stack right now to go through, though! Thanks for the reminder!

  • great idea! unfortunately, i can’t say the same. the only patchwork magazine i can buy here regularly (other than going to one of the fabric shops and getting some international magazine) is a brazilian one who is really basic and poor. but a friend of mine went to london recently and brought me one magazine that i loved, i think i’ll take you up on that advice and keep my favourite articles in a plastic sheet for the future.

  • the thread/needle guide would really be helpful! i’m inspired by your organizational skills. i wish i wasn’t so much of a saver all the time. sometimes it DOES come in handy, though. 🙂

  • Terri I really can learn from you and your organization skills. I need to go through my magazines and save only what I’m interested it. The magazines are really starting to pile up! Thanks for another hint. 🙂

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  • I dog eared that thread/needle page too. I had an a-ha moment. I’ve been using sharps for my piecing ever since and I’ve been so happy.

    I’m thinking I need some forked pins now. Those are awesome!

    Thanks for sharing. : )

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