For My Mug

It appears that mug rugs or mug mats are all the craze these days.

I had no idea there was a swap going on, probably because I don’t spend enough time cruising Flickr to keep up. I haven’t done too many swaps this year, so it’s too bad I missed this one.

These two mats are just little squares pieced together, with quilted lines in different directions. I am excited to add these cool patchwork projects to my list of gifts to make for the holiday season!

I sat down at my sewing table recently with some scraps to make another crazy patch. This time I wanted my block to look less like a wonky log cabin block and more like a crazy patch.

I do love how this one turned out! I think it’s going to become a mug rug, which I hope to finish during my next 15 minutes of play. Not sure how to quilt it yet, but I do know I want to do straight lines again.

17 thoughts on “For My Mug

  1. If you’re going to leave it as a pentagon, you could quilt it with straight lines from point to point and make it a star pattern.

    Or maybe just some crazy lines going various directions, to keep in style with the crazy block.

    Whatever you do, it’ll be awesome. The block already looks great!

    ~ Meagan

  2. Love your mug rugs! Nothing like having a”colorful mug rug” to look at first thing in the morning to help ” jump start” a cold winter morning!

    side note….I joined the candle mat swap with the quilt gallery and its a really neat swap larger on. it’s a bit bigger than a mug rug….

    Candle Mat Pillow

    The talent out there is admazing!

  3. Beautiful small quilts and lovely colours! The new one is wonderful and would be nice in that shape!
    Thank you for great idea and inspiration!

  4. I love the two rugs! My VQB is doing a swap for December and I can’t wait to play around with the colors and small scale! Cute cute cute stuff!

  5. I’ve never even heard of a mug rug so I’m well out of touch with the latest craze! Are they just big coasters? Lol

    I had a peek at the flickr group and there are some fab ones there (I love the bird appliqué one especially) but I’m going to resist the temptation to start browsing flickr or I would never be off the computer! Hee hee :0)

    Fab little crazy patchwork block – hope you get your mug rug (love that phrase) made.

  6. The orange and pink remind me of the quilt top that I am going to be starting real soon now!! I love your coffee mug too;)

  7. Another really cute project. I did not no about a group doing these either but I don’t wander to far on line for I don’t know enough about the computer. I like your colors once again.

  8. Dearest sweet terri, i am loving the simplicity of your gorgeous mug mats…they are lovely and the colors are just popping with joy! Oh and that cute block lots! Have a lovely merry happy day and love to you!

  9. These are so cute. I think I am going to attempt making one this weekend. Thanks for sharing the Flickr group link I can browse through them to get some inspiration. 🙂

  10. A mug rug…who knew…I just love these 😉 I’ve never attempted to quilt before…BUT this would be so do-able for me. Would love it if you did a tutorial…how do you get your square corners with your seam binding? Thanks, Roberta

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