A Pillow to Match

NOTE: If you’re here from the Blogger’s Quilt Festival, my featured quilt can be found at this link.

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I found an orphan block in my stash leftover from the Halloween quilt I made for/with Dave. So I made a quilted pillow cover to match!

He loved it so much, he hugged and squeezed it!

The beauty of making these pillow covers is that you can take the pillow form out and use it for a different cover when that season is behind you. Easy enough to whip up in a day!

Happy Halloween everyone!

19 thoughts on “A Pillow to Match

  1. So fun!! And I love that your husband is so appreciate of your beautiful work! That’s awesome! My boyfriend is the same way with the books I make. He loves when I make him little notebooks, sketchbooks, or journals. 🙂

    I miss making pillow covers. I used to love playing with the types of closures for them… buttons, or ties, or plain envelope-style, or zips. It’s been soooo long since I’ve sewn anything!

  2. Hello Terri! How nice you found that block – it became a wonderful pillow! I love patchwork pillows and cushions!
    I’m sure your husband hugged you too because his quilt with the pillow is fantastic!
    xxx Teje

  3. Hey Terri!
    I love how the quilting frames the design, so to speak! I’m working on a couple of giant pillows for my already pillow-covered bed and I’m definitely going to copy,copy, copy you!!

  4. i love pillow covers for the exact same reasons! it also uses up some extra scraps!

    isn’t it so nice when the recipient enjoys your creation as much as you do? that is the BEST! nice work on the pillow cover. the green spider fabric makes a fun back.

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