Just Call Me Cookie Monster

We already ran out of cookies from our family Cookie Day, so I had to make more.

First, I made these chocolate crinkle cookies, which are mouth-watering. They are exactly the way Nichole described them, crunchy on the outside and like a brownie on the inside.

Next, I made sugar cookies because they are Dave’s favorite. They are my least favorite holiday cookie, so to be totally honest with you, I didn’t feel like doing cut-outs!

Finally, I made a batch of my favorite cookies – gingerbread people. Notice, I took the time to make these into cut-outs – LOL!

There were some characters in the pan, like the one on the left below, whose eye fell out, but luckily he caught it. Must have had too many cocktails at the holiday party. Or the one on the right below with the hairy chest, winking at you!

Then, our neighbors showed up with their annual Christmas box full of layers of the most adorable and beautifully decorated cut-out cookies!

As you can tell, we LOVE cookies in our house. I hope these last a little longer than the previous cookie stash!

23 thoughts on “Just Call Me Cookie Monster

  1. Oh sugar cookies. For years I had to make them even cutting them out and decorating them. Nice not to have kids at home anymore. They can make them themselfs. The only request I got this year was for my fudge with nuts so that will be what I make. Yours are really cute and those choc. ones do look yummy. I love brownies.

  2. Cookie, Cookie, Cookie starts with C, C, C! I love cookies too. In fact, when it snowed last week, we were elbow deep in COOKIES (not the REAL food that we SHOULD have been making). They look delish! I’m with you on the whole cut out, decorate, patience thing. I like decorating when someone else has done the baking, cooling, mixing of icing colors, etc. BUT when I’m the cookie baker, not so much!! I seem to lose all my creativity in the cookie dough šŸ™‚

  3. Yum! My mouth is watering. I hope you have a wonderful Christmas and a great New Year. I’ll bet you are enjoying a break from school.

  4. So yummy!
    We still have some of our cookies left from my cookie baking day, however by Christmas they will be gone.
    I made a caramel shortbread (recipe on my blog) last night. Hopefully this will last til Christmas Eve. LOL

  5. The “Hairy chest” one is adorably funny!! Need to make some sugar cookies today for the hubby—why do they like those sooo much:) lol!

  6. Please, please don’t eat the Hairy Chested Guy; I am sure he is the (Gingerbread) Man for me!! Drool!!
    Terri, once again your cookies put my breakfast to shame!

  7. Oh, those look oh so yummy Terri! You gave me a good chuckle this morning, I’m so glad Mr. Gingerbread caught his eye. I know what you mean, my cookies and candy don’t last very long either. I waited until last night to start baking so I wouldn’t eat too many. LOL I usually put on a few extra unwanted pounds this time of year with so many goodies in the house.

  8. It just isn’t Christmas without cookies! We are on our second batch of Cream Cheese Press cookies, and second batch of chocolate fudge!

    Your cookies look wonderful, and it is always so much easier to do yourrrr favorite cookies, than someone else’s….LOL!

  9. Alrighty then! Got to say the chuckle I got from your gingerbread people help lighten my evening! Thanks for sharing them :0) Sarah

  10. Super cute and delicious looking, Terri! I’ll be making kiffles today… my first time, ever! Not sure if I’ll be making anything else, as I also have to cut my boyfriend’s hair, as well as his brother’s hair, so I might not have the energy for more!!

    Love the postings lately, sorry I haven’t been commenting as much…. just back from the island, and I’m still on island time!


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