A Sunny Spectrum

We have finally taken a turn toward Spring around here with the sun shining more regularly, melting our snow and revealing grass.

I found some tulips peaking up too, which the rabbits have been snacking on, so I covered these new shoots with mesh wire to keep those pesky rabbits from doing more damage.

Bring it on, Mother Nature!

Speaking of sunshine, did you know that Anna Maria Horner has a collection of quilting cotton solids? I knew these fabrics came out at the same time her Little Folks collection was released, but I wonder why we haven’t seen any of these solids in any shops. I know Kona Cotton solids and Moda Bella solids are quite popular, so maybe that’s why stores didn’t pick up another range of solids.

I ordered a stack of 12 fat quarters directly from her shop since I couldn’t find it anywhere else. It’s not a big color range, but the colors included are very vibrant and beautiful. I would love to make this or this just for the fun of playing with these fabulous colors.

I have another set of cheerful voile and cotton fabrics in my stash waiting for the right inspiration. These colors are the perfect pick-me-up for a time of year when we are ready to move from winter to spring, craving sunshine and warmer days.

13 thoughts on “A Sunny Spectrum

  1. I love seeing the bulbs just poking their heads out of the ground! I have some in my 2′ x 3′ patch, too! I totally forgot what I planted, so it’ll be exciting to find out!

    Those colorful fabrics make me happy! Can’t wait to see what you do with them…. 🙂


  2. YAY FOR SUNSHINE!! I broke out my Rainbow’s (sandals) for the first time yesterday and I almost squealed in the sunbeams! [Read: I know the YAY SPRING! feeling!] I’m also loving the solids! I just bought City Quilts and I REALLY want to do something with solids from that book!

  3. I like the quilts, especially the one in the second link. A solids quilt is on my list, too.

    I’ve been taking my camera with me in the car to capture some of the beautiful blooming trees. There are so many fabulous colors right now!

  4. Hello Terri! How lovely that you have almost spring and the flowers are coming up! I was today almost all the day in the garden! I love your fabrics and it would be so wonderful to start new quilt with those in your last photo!
    Sunny wishes! Teje

  5. How come whenever I visit your blog I always seem to go on fabric hunts around the Internet lol – it takes me over half an hour to come back sometimes… you are a bad influence (and I love it).

    Yeay you have bulbs coming through and sunshine!!! Finally 🙂 you must be so excited.

    Gorgeous stash as always – the solid colours are glorious – really vibrant… I have a massive crush on Riley Blake fabrics at the moment – when I asked about them at my local quilting shop they hadn’t heard of them… insert silent weeping here… I have sourced some in the UK online but not much – arrrrggghhhh!!!

  6. I have the AMH solids as well, and I think they are beautiful, rich colors. I especially love your second link, the square in a square quilt. I think it would be beautiful in these solids.

  7. I am so glad to see your snow melt away. Spring is a wonderful time of year. I love Spring. The fabrics are wonderful also. You always have a bright and beautiful aray of fun. Can’t wait to see what you do with it all.

  8. I hope those pesky back yard critters stay away from your tulips. I didn’t plant any of those, but Ayden, my hubby and I did plant some hyacinths.

    Those Anna Marie Horner fabrics are screaming Spring to me:)

  9. Yeah, I’m glad to see your weather is warming up. I love the solid quilt in the second photo and can’t wait to see what you come up with. Anne Marie’s new solid fabric’s sure are pretty.

  10. Hi Terri, you must be so overjoyed to see the signs of Spring :0) Long may it continue and may you enjoy being out in the fresh air and beauty.
    your art cards are really great :0)
    have a lovely week,
    Val xx Oxfordshire UK

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