Art Cards 2011 – Week 12

Last week, Michelle and I swapped cards to celebrate the first day of Spring.

She received my package so I’m excited to be able to share what I made for her. I was inspired by a photo she shared recently of a ribbon of daffodils growing across a field. Daffodils are such a cheerful flower, usually the first to bloom in my part of the world. Since I was mailing this little card to Michelle, I really wanted to created a postcard image. I found a piece of paper in my craft stash that had stamps all over it, and I saved one of those air mail stickers from another package I received from her.

I also found inspiration from one of my favorite spring flowers that will be blooming soon, crocuses, along with some lyrics from a Bob Dylan song that I know hold a special place in her heart.

The entire lyrics say “just to dance beneath the diamond sky, with one hand waving free, silhouetted by the sea, let me forget about today until tomorrow.”

I have to admit I was happy with how these turned out, so I made a duplicate set to have in my own journal.

I also made a couple more cards for the new week.

I have been inspired by all the spring bulbs trying so hard to come back to life here even though our temperatures continue to be cold (30 degrees F). I drew an illustration of the first tulip leaves to come up, cut them out and pasted them on a bright blue background for a 3-dimensional effect. I found a Chinese proverb that was a fitting sentiment to use for my journaling.

More and more birds have been returning to our part of the world, especially the common grackles, who act like bullies of the birdfeeders in our yard. They are fun to watch, but they are noisy and eat everything. I loved illustrating one of them clucking away because of the beautiful irridescent blue and purple and black colors of the feathers.

I haven’t added a journal sentiment to this card yet. I want to add this saying “Birds return every spring like clockwork, but where is the clock” but I’m not sure how to make all that fit on this little card. You know me, I’ll figure it out!

Be sure to stop by our Flickr group to see what Michelle and Sandra have been doing on their fun art cards.

11 thoughts on “Art Cards 2011 – Week 12

  1. I love my cards – thank you ever so much – they are wonderful. Thank you also for the extra goodies you put in… your package should arrive this week 🙂

    Your cards this week are awesome – the Chinese proverb is so fitting, I’d not heard that before and your bird illustration is fantastic – I love how you are capturing all of the things you are seeing – your art work is fabulous!

  2. Hi Terri! You have made again wonderful spring theme cards! I love the bird – it’s so beautiful and has lovely colours! I wish you sunny week! Teje

  3. seeing that grackle takes me back to being in Texas and watching them attack any bird that dared to come into our yard…i also like the proverb..really nice cards that Michelle received as well..

  4. Hi Terri, such lovely springtime cards – no wonder Michelle was thrilled to bits! I hope you will let us know how you shorten your “saying” for the bird :0) very interesting little problem.
    I love your little forest …. it will look gorgeous hanging somewhere.
    Also like the way you added a pen/pencil holder to a journal cover …. I shall be copying that idea!
    have a wonderful springtime creative week ….
    Val xx Oxfordshire UK

  5. Hello Terri,

    Just catching up with your posts. You have been busy making forrests and wildlife. Love the colours in the bird card. Happy creating.

  6. i think the card is very cute. my idea is to start the saying at the bottom left corner and take the words around the outside edge of the card.

  7. YAY for spring! (Even if my 80 degree weather last week turned into ICE this week…grumbleWTFharumph!) Your cards look gorgeous! I really love the detailing in the leaves (stems? I’m not a flower person and my husband would be ashamed). The greens so much depth and seem to radiate in their paper-y sunshine. Gorgeous!

  8. I am so glad you take the time to keep us in the loop with your schooling and all your art. You are very talented. Keep it up. The cards are just fantastic.

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