Travel Sketching and Painting

I received this fabulous handmade travel kit from Michelle that I want to show off to you. Hope you don’t mind!

She made this adorable patchwork notebook for me. Notice all the cool patchwork and stitching on the front cover.

I made a couple sketchbooks to put in the inside pockets – a perfect fit. Notice all the wonderful stitching and details on the inside too.

She also felted this beautiful field kit that I can hook onto my belt loop when I’m on the trails.Inside fits this amazing little treasure:

It’s a compact watercolor set about the size of my iPhone and pack of artist cards!

The paint kit includes 12 watercolors, a small retracting brush, three shallow mixing palettes, a water bottle and a sponge. And all that fits inside the cute little box for travel. How adorable!

I found these adorable little (barely 2 inches long) colored pencils in my stash so I decided they would be perfect to size to include. I will tuck a small piece of sandpaper inside to sharpen the pencils without wasting the color.

Now I just need to figure out where to go to try out my new field kit. I’m thinking about starting in our backyard as soon as our gardens come back to life, but I would also like to make a trip to our botanical gardens and the farmers market. Where would you go if you had a new travel art (or sewing) kit?

14 thoughts on “Travel Sketching and Painting

  1. WOW! What great gifts- I love the detailing in the patchwork on the front! I guess I’m just not up on what’s available in the way “travel art” supplies, but I didn’t know there were travel kits! Everything is cuter when it’s teeny! I think my first trip would be a beach, but since you’re fresh out of those up there, perhaps a mountain stream? Definitely somewhere with water gets my vote!

  2. That is wonderful. The notebook is so neat. Alot of time and thought. Nice to have a wonderful friend that knows exactly what you like. Great gift. Just right for you. Love that felted bag. Lucky Girl

  3. Now that is just plain adorable! I think I would head to a Botanical Garden as my first stop. There is such variety there and it would give you a good chance to test the new materials out.

  4. Hello Terri! That packet looks great! I love that patchwork cover and the water colour set is perfect! I have one similar and I like it so much! You could make a trip to that wonderful garden (inside) where you visited while ago and then you said you would like to draw and paint there.
    Have a lovely painting time! Teje

  5. Hmmmm where would I go? Paris? Tuscany? America? Hehe. I think the botanical gardens sound good.

    Your journals do fit so well in the cover – I’m so happy that you are enjoying using it.

    It was a pleasure to make the field kit for you (though you do need to get the wrappers off your paints and messy them up a bit) I hope you find it a welcome addition on your hikes and adventures – that’s when I think you’ll use it the most.

    Love as always…. Shell xx

  6. What a great field kit…there are so many places close to you that you share on your blog…I’ll be you’ll be able to use it soon!

    For me…I would go to the mountains…quite a drive, but every bit worth the time to get there!

  7. What a wonderful gift. I especially love the patchwork notebook with your shop name on it. 🙂
    The felted bag is really neat too. I’ve been wanting to make one of those for awhile now but not sure how to felt.

  8. You definitely need to plan a trip to use your travel art set 😉 I really love how Michelle customized your patchwork notebook! Awesome!

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