Art Cards 2011 – Spring Swap

My friend Michelle and I agreed to swap art cards for each season throughout the year.

I was the lucky girl who came home to find all these Spring goodies waiting for me.

She made this amazing art card, with magical-looking fossilized flowers on side one, and

a beautiful illustration of a tree on side two.

Of course, she had to spoil me by sending a couple fabulous mini journals, and a stack of cool mulberry papers, made from the fibers of a mulberry tree and feathers beautifully when torn. (pictured in top photo)

She also made an adorable little envelope that I can use to carry business cards or art cards.

Here are the cards I sent to her for our Spring swap, which she shared in this post.

Creative, artsy friends are the best! They give you handmade gifts, and they love the handmade gifts you give them. The thought is what counts, as they say. Thank you, my friend!

11 thoughts on “Art Cards 2011 – Spring Swap

  1. Dear Terri, congratulations!!! Vow that is so great you are in the magazine! Your cards are beautiful as well as Michelle’s! The envelope is beautiful and great idea!
    I wish you hapy week! xxx Teje

  2. It’s great to have these fun swaps and I’m so pleased it finally arrived! Thanks for all of the lovely things and card you sent me too x

  3. Such a sweet surprise from Shell!! I love what she sent you… so much promise of spring where it’s been so cold and wintry! Yay!


  4. These are STUNNING, Terri! I’m so amazed by the two of you! I don’t even know how she went about making the “fossilized” flower but wow. I love the homemade paper, I used to make paper with my mom as a kid 🙂 Warm fuzzies!

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