Art Cards – Week 21 – Vegas

We just spent the past week living the high life in Las Vegas to celebrate our 10-year wedding anniversary. What could be more fun than capturing Sin City on tiny art cards. Actually, I kept my cards simple and true to my illustration style.

I illustrated the infamous Welcome to Las Vegas sign on side 1.

I drew a marquee frame on side 2 and hand lettered some of our favorite activities. I wanted to add a couple rhinestones to that marquee frame but I can’t find them right now. Both sides have a layer of glitter chalk brushed over them, which is a little hard to see in these photos.

It’s so fun to look back on my art cards to date in 2011, to see the variety of work and expermintations!

We had such a fabulous trip that it was a little hard coming back to reality (especially with yard work and laundry to catch up on). Having to put on a long-sleeved shirt and socks for the first time in a week was a bummer! But it was great seeing my kitties again.

I kept a sketchbook while we were away, illustrating the highlights of each day, which I hope to share with you once it’s finished.

This was my first time keeping a travelog, so I plan to share some thoughts on how that went, the supplies I packed in my suitcase and what I ended up purchasing, mainly because we found the local Blick’s Art Supply store.

11 thoughts on “Art Cards – Week 21 – Vegas

  1. Very cool! I love Las Vegas! I always have a lot of fun while I’m there… it’s such a big adult’s playground!

    Love your card, too! It’s crazy that I’ve been there so many times, but my experience must be different than yours because other than the drinks, I don’t know what the other things are about!

    Glad you had fun. Keeping a travel journal is awesome! I always do that for my longer trips. I love them for looking back to see what I did, how I felt, and what my favorite things were….

    1. Thanks Shari! I lived in Las Vegas after graduating from college, and have been back many times over the years. There’s always something new to see and experience. We stayed at Bally’s this time, so we spent a lot of time exploring the mid-strip hotels and casinos, Paris, planet hollywood, The Cosmopolitan, Bellagio, and Caesars, where most of those favorites are from. We always love going hiking at Red Rock Canyon too. I’m already looking forward to our next trip! Terri

  2. I’m glad you had a good time! That’s a great idea for storing your art cards and I’ll look forward to your travel journal.

  3. Hi Terri
    love the Vegas theme for your card this week, sounds like you had a lovely time

  4. It’s good to have you back and your cards are brilliant – it’s wonderful that you know your style and are true to it. How come your ring has so much more room on it than mine? Oh, cos my cards are often the thickness of a Big Mac lol.

    What a brilliant way to spend your anniversary – I’m excited to see your travel journal and from the sound of your comment above I’m also looking forward to your next trip too – hiking in Red Rock Canyon sounds really cool.

    My friend lived in Vegas for 3 years and we have other friends who visit there on a regular basis – it sounds like a great place to vacation.

  5. Hello Teri

    Congrats on your tenth anniversary. Vagas sounds like a lot of fun, you illustrated your cards perfectly. One question, did you see Elvis?
    Happy days.

  6. What fun! I love your card with the list of your favorite things you did on your trip. That will be a great memory. I can’t imagine what I would come back with if I went to a real live Blick store. It must have felt like being a kid in a candy store to you. 🙂
    I can’t wait to see your travel journal. I started mine from my trip to NY but haven’t had time to really work on it. Hopefully soon before I forget everything!

  7. Wow Terri, what a wonderful way to remember your anniversary getaway! Your postcards look wonderful, a mini scrapbook. Sounds like you had a wonderful time!

    Love the new background on your blog!

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