Art Cards for Summer Swap

On the first day of each season, Shell and I like to swap a set of art cards.

This time around, we agreed to try this layering technique where you adhere a piece of newsprint or a page from a book to your paper, and illustrate over that so the text shows through in the background.

Here’s the set I made for Shell – summer fairy and summer flower: (had to make an extra set for myself.)

And here’s the beautiful set I received from her:

Side 1 – Queen of Summer:

Side 2 – Coral Root Orchid:

It’s fun to experiment with new techniques together. I am always inspired and in awe to see Shell’s illustration style. It’s also an honor to have some of her artwork in my collection of art cards.

Here’s to the beginning of a happy summer, friends!

12 thoughts on “Art Cards for Summer Swap

  1. Terri I am IN LURVE (quite different from love, mind you) with that technique! The whole book-y, artsy vibe is just fantastic! It superimposes summer pictures on what I do all summer (ok, all the time, but summer makes me THINK about it) which is read. Beautiful!!

    P.S. I’m just going to say here I loved each and every one of your posts from when I was gone and will save you the hassle of five billion WordPress e-mails telling you that 🙂

    P.P.S Andrew flipped when he saw your “whites” and your roses. (Ours did not fare so well in our absence.)

  2. This is a very cool technique! I love to see what you’re drawing. I’m impressed that you keep up with this when you aren’t taking a class. I never seem to get around to trying out any sketching when it isn’t part of an assignment!

  3. I love doing our seasonal swaps and I lurrveee the cards you send – I adore fairy folk and flowers and I love painting over text. I had a lot of fun picking out appropriate text and then finding the art to go with it.

    Thanks for being such a great swap buddy. I’m already thinking of autumn/fall though as it is probably my favourite season!

  4. Girl with the butterfly is my fave! They are so cool to look at Terri!! What a great process in making these cards:)

  5. They are all fabulous,. I love the text in the background. Especially on the butterfly girl and the queen of summer. I’ll have to try this technique next time I get some creative time…which sadly I haven’t had much of since summer started 😦

  6. I love your cards Terri, they just keep getting better and better. I have collected different Text fabrics and I get excited every time I find a new one.

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