Autumn Hike

The first day of Autumn always makes me want to go hiking.

Well, okay, you’re right, I would love to go hiking every day of the year!

I love all the yellows we are seeing in early Fall.

It’s refreshing to see wildflowers still growing along side the trail.

Soon enough, we will see more leaves change to orange and red.

These are the days I cherish!

9 thoughts on “Autumn Hike

  1. Hi Terri! I’m happy to see you enjoying the autumn! It’s the best season for hiking in the forest! Have a lovely time!
    xxx Teje

  2. Hi Terri, Linda here. I met you at the Apple store. I have a class on Friday at 3:00 I hope you are the teacher. I have a list of questions. LOL Love your pictures. We are going on a hike on Saturday to Rock of Gibralter.

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