Art Cards – Week 40 – Courage and Faith

I had butterflies last week. I was scheduled to teach my first workshop. And then I was scheduled to teach a second workshop the very next day. So I was nervous facing these two new challenges. Deep down, I knew I would be just fine. I kept telling myself, “just be yourself.”

As it turned out, things went so well that I received positive feedback from the workshop attendees, giving me the boost I needed to take on teaching more workshops.

I was incredibly moved (and saddened) by the recent death of the founder and CEO for the company I work for, so I been thinking a lot this week about a couple of his quotes he made over the years.

Sometimes I struggle picking a moment from the past week to illustrate on my art cards. I am thankful for finding the courage to be myself and the faith to press on when faced with a challenge.

7 thoughts on “Art Cards – Week 40 – Courage and Faith

  1. I love your cards this week – they are powerful quotes from an amazing man. The butterfly is beautiful. Well done on your successful workshops – may they be the start of a new chapter in your career x

  2. I love your new cards and the messages on them. I was saddened by Steve Jobs’ passing, too. He was a very inspiring person. I use the products of his love every single day.

  3. Hello Terri!I’m exited to hear that you work with Apple! Congratulations for your workshops – must be interesting! First I didn’t undestand why your link goes to Apple?! As so many others, I was sad to hear about Steve Job’s passing. I have began with Mac computer and after many years I still miss it. Unfortunately it’s not so common here so support and help for home is more difficult. Designers etc. use it also here. I hope one day – like I hope Husqvarna sewing machine!
    I love your art cards! Again you have made something so beautiful and with a lovely thought!
    xxx Teje

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