Art Cards – Week 45 – Domestic Days and First Snow

It’s hard to believe we have only 7 weeks left of this project. It will be fun to continue illustrating as the holiday season and winter approach.

I was lucky to have a day off last week where I could be domestic, so I spent the day cooking, baking, cleaning and doing laundry. It might sound like chores to someone else, but I loved every minute of it!

We had our first snowfall of the season last week. It was so beautiful! The snow started to fall after I got to work, and it ended before my drive home, so I just got to enjoy the beauty of seeing the snowflakes coming down, and seeing the snow covering the grass and trees the next day. It’s all melted for now, but I’m sure there will be more snowy days to come.

Stop by our Flickr group to see the art Michelle and Sandra have been creating. I love how different our styles are, and how clever they are in illustrating their ideas.

4 thoughts on “Art Cards – Week 45 – Domestic Days and First Snow

  1. I love your domestic days card – so whimsical and colourful! Sounds like a heavenly day to me too. I’m sorry but I’m shivering at the thought of snow – I think my wintertime wonder is still in hibernation lol. Brilliant card though and fun to record the date – so who won the bet this year? Was it you or Dave or did the snow catch you both out???

  2. I can’t imagine enjoying domestic days, but I’m glad you did! Great card!
    We had a very frosty morning recently and the sun just made things sparkle. Beautiful! I do miss the snow:)

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