A Little At A Time

I’m excited for the holiday season. But I’m not quite ready yet to deck the house in all the fa la la la la.

So I’m just setting out a little at a time.

It’s wonderful to be able to set out so many handmade holiday decorations this time of year.

I am enjoying the peace and quiet, and time to work on projects, including catching up and planning ahead.

Have you set out your holiday decorations yet? Finished your shopping or gift-making already too?

6 thoughts on “A Little At A Time

  1. I admit that we haven’t really done much decorating for the holidays since we moved to California, and most of the time we don’t do any. But all my holiday gift buying/making is done and the gifts have been shipped! The big problem with that is that now I have the urge to do a bunch of baking and the hubby is on a diet and I don’t have an office to take it to…. 🙂 Happy Holidays!

  2. I confess that I’m having trouble this year getting into the fa la la. I don’t know why that is cos I’m normally more than excited to deck the halls with boughs of holly.

    Your Christmas decorations are looking very pretty and it’s nice to put them out gradually and appreciate them all.

    I think this Santa’s Little Helper could do with a Santa’s Little Helper to help her out!

  3. Lovely decor Terri! Love how you incorporated your quilting in with it. I have my tree up but, I need to finish the rest. Hopefully, I will get it done by the end of the week. If not, I might get too lazy and not do it.

  4. Hi Terri! I need to be reminded that we can already put decoration because here it just doesn’t feel any Christmas yet. Thank you for showing your lovely crafts and sets to give us inspiration!
    xxx Teje

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