Sketchbook Pages

I haven’t had a lot of time to mess around in my sketchbok due to homework projects, but it seems like the past couple Fridays have worked out well to fit in some experimenting.

Lately, I have been looking for different recipes to try, which are becoming fun muse to illustrate.

I’ve always loved that feeling of freedom you get on Friday afternoons, anticipating the start of the weekend, especially when our weather is sunny and mild.

It takes some getting used to working in a sketchbook because these pages are so much bigger than the art cards I got used to working on in 2011. I’m having fun playing with mixed media on these pages, using a Verithin pencil to lay down my touch sketch, markers for outlining and journaling, and different watercolors (field box, Inktense pencils, and watercolor crayons). Every page feels like an experiment, which I really enjoy.

9 thoughts on “Sketchbook Pages

  1. These are great Terri – loving the recipe twist which is an excellent muse for a foodie. I’ve gotta tell you though (hushed whisper… I miss our art card size, sometimes a journal page seems really big to fill!) I’m glad you’re having fun with lots of different mediums. And yes, Friday feelings are THE BEST!

  2. I also like the recipe sketches!..i’m still continuing my Free day Friday so Fridays are becoming a look forward to day

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