From My Inspiration File: Spring Is Here

I photographed some new treasures in our yard and gardens over the weekend, as we continue to find more signs of this early spring we are having… and loving!

This week, our forsythia bloomed with an explosion of yellow. Every time I look out our windows that face South, I see this magnificent yellow glow.

The buds on our magnolia shrub are about to open. They are so elegant looking at this stage.

Our first tulip opened over the weekend. I am always surprised when this one opens because I forget that we planted such a classic red tulip.

The buds on many of our trees are popping too, adding that fresh spring green color, which makes me so happy.

Such an exciting time of year to watch the colors change from brown and grey to spring green and yellow and red and purple. Thanks for stopping by!

8 thoughts on “From My Inspiration File: Spring Is Here

  1. Magnolia shrub that is what those beauties are! I keep seeing them and was really wanting to know what they were:)

    Your backyard is a painting;)

    1. Thanks Sara! All the hard work we put into our backyard is very rewarding cuz it’s our sanctuary. (and inspiration for me!) Those magnolias come in trees and shrubs. The trees usually bloom earlier than the shrubs. They are so beautiful, aren’t they!

  2. I love forsythia, but no one has them out here in California. And I love magnolia as well — yours are a lovely shade of pink! Beautiful photos. I appreciate the spring theme since it has suddenly decided that it’s going to be winter here after all….

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