Garden Update: Slower Spring

Spring has slowed down a little bit around here with our recent overcast, cooler days. Darn, I was loving all that sunshine and summer temps.

So far, we’ve seen our crocuses bloom, our daffodils continue to open, our forsythia shrub is still glowing yellow but slowly changing to green, our red tulips are just about finished but more tulips are continuing to grow, and the tree buds are still sprouting but have slowed down a little bit.

I was feeling anxious to find something new from our gardens to share with you.

I already showed you our magnolia blossoms.

They are so beautiful that I just had to share more shots from a different perspective. I really want to use the colors and shapes in these shots as inspiration in my sketchbook.

Our vinca vines are coming back to life and filling out quite beautifully underneath our crapapple tree.

I never tire looking for treasures throughout our yard, even if not much has changed since my last update. It’s also good inspiration as I learn how to use my camera. I hope you don’t mind. We’re supposed to have more sunshine this week, so I’m hoping to find more new blossoms. Thanks for stopping by!

PS – if you have a chance, check out Randi’s gorgeous spring blossoms from her spring weekend!

8 thoughts on “Garden Update: Slower Spring

  1. I have noticed that things are slowly coming in here too. Slowly,but surely as they say. Pretty pics with that new camera;)

  2. I look forward to seeing that tulip in bloom! The magnolia looks like silk, and I love the photos of the vinca – we used to have that in our yard as well, and I don’t see it much out here in CA either.

  3. It has cooled down here, too. I have nothing blooming, because I have no flowers. LOL. I did order some from my secretary’s daughter who was selling them to go on a band trip or something. So that should get me going!

  4. Hello Terri,

    Lovely blooms, loved seeing the Vinca vine, used to have this out our previous home. Tough as old boots.

    Beautiful artwork in your previous post, can just imagine your work on fabric one day.

    Happy Easter to you and your hubby.

  5. Wow, you have tulips blooming? Beautiful! Our spring has slowed down too, althought starting tomorrow, we are suppose to be getting a week of progressively nicer spring weather, I can hardly wait!

    I love seeing your garden come alive, thanks so much for sharing!

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