Thankful Friday, Let Summer Break Begin

Thank goodness it’s Friday! At the end of yet another busy week , it’s nice to stop and take a moment to share the things I’m thankful for from the past week. I find it’s a great way to appreciate the big things and the small things.

1. I am thankful my photography class is done. It was a great class, but I’m really looking forward to a break.

2. I am thankful for tripods so I could take panoramic photos.

3. I am thankful my in-laws are coming to visit! We haven’t seen them in a year, and we always have such a good time together.

4. I’ve said this before, but I am thankful for air conditioning cuz it’s scorching hot again.

5. I am thankful to have my own home office, which is all set up now and ready for some serious graphic design production.

6. I am thankful for feedback from professional graphic designers and teachers because it really helps me grow and see a fresh perspective.

7. I am thankful for the wonderful variety of lilies we have throughout our gardens.

8. I am thankful for my favorite local rock radio station, which keeps me company throughout the day.

9. I am thankful for ponytail holders.

10. I am thankful for strawberries, blueberries and raspberries. I could live on them alone!

Hope you have a few things to be thankful for this week.

5 thoughts on “Thankful Friday, Let Summer Break Begin

  1. We are supposed to hit 105 here today:(

    We live on fruit too around here especially bananas for smoothies:)

  2. I love how positive thankful Fridays are..a good note to end the week on
    I’m thankful for the slow pace at the moment..i’m looking at the scenery more

  3. Hi Terri,

    Wow sounds like another busy week, glad to hear you have a organised office. Things are certainly moving along with you. Hope it cools down, the fire is going here.

    Happy days.

  4. Wow, congratulations on finishing another wonderful class! Your garden is looking wonderful, and the berries make my mouth water! Raspberries are one of my favorites too!

    It’s wonderful you have an office all set up to do your graphic design work, I’d love it if you would show some of your work.

    Have a wonderful time with your family! Take care. Cheryl

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