Thankful Friday, a Hot One!

Thank goodness it’s Friday! At the end of the week, it’s nice to stop and take a moment to share the things I’m thankful for from the past week. I find it’s a great way to appreciate the big things and the small things.

1. I am thankful Callie the calico kitty cat is doing much better. She hurt her leg last weekend and was limping for a few days. We think she may have just twisted her foot or leg.

2. I am thankful for the awesome visit I had with my sister-in-law and brother-in-law this past week. We get along so well and always enjoy hanging out with each other.

3. I am thankful for packages from Spoonflower, containing my very own fabric designs.

4. I am thankful my husband was able to temporarily repair the air conditioner in my car enough to get me through a hot road trip. We don’t have $1,000 laying around to get it fixed right now.

5. I am thankful to be on a retreat this weekend with my sewing friends.

6. I am thankful for rhubarb crisp.

7. I am thankful for a new project bag, made for me by a good friend.

8. I am thankful for Greek yogurt. It’s so tasty and filling and healthy

Hope you have a few things to be thankful for this week.

7 thoughts on “Thankful Friday, a Hot One!

  1. Those are all excellent reasons to be thankful Terri. Especially new fabric you designed in the mail,air conditioning and greek yogurt!!

  2. Hello Terri,

    have fun at your retreat. I had car trouble this week, so no all about that. Love both photo’s in this post.

    happy days.

  3. Have a great time at the retreat! Sounds like you’ve had a fun week with lots to be thankful for. Pleased Callie is doing better x

  4. Hi Terri-
    Hope you are having fun at your retreat!! Good for you designing your own fabrics. Spoonflower is so fun. You have a lot to be thankful for!

  5. i’m soooooooooo thankful that i got to spend the weekend sewing with you. it was so good. but you know that already. you were there. and i’m so glad, too. miss you already!!! xoxox

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