Postcards From My Sister

In early 2012, I came across a blog post about two sisters who sent each other one postcard a week for a year. I thought it would be fun to try this postcard project with my sister, who was skeptical at first of our ability to keep it up.

me and my sister

My sister and I have different personalities and life aspirations, but we have always been close. I can always count on her. We have lived far apart from each other for many years, but we text, email and talk often, as well as send each other notecards and random care packages. I miss her constantly, so I cherish her friendship.

Postcards from my sister

It didn’t require a lot of work or writing. Sometimes we wrote just a simple sentence about our week or something we were looking forward to. It also became an adventure to find more interesting postcards than those with pictures of the towns we live in. Now I have this really fun collection of postcards from my sister from the year 2012. Thank you, MaryKay, for playing along so well!

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13 thoughts on “Postcards From My Sister

  1. Are you the little one in the pic? This is awesome and what a fantastic way to snatch up some really amazing postcards. Kind of an adventure:)

    1. Thanks Cheryl. That’s a good question – I’m not sure if we’re doing it again this year. I got a postcard from my sister last week, which was January, so maybe we are. It was so nice to look forward to getting a personal note in the mail each week.

  2. That is such a great photo of you and your sister and what a wonderful weekly treat to look forward to.

  3. Oh! How cool that you suggested the idea and your sister so readily agreed. Not only did it force you each to slow down and write little notes to each other but it forced you each to have each other in your thoughts each week for a year. In this hustle and bustle life that we face it warms my heart to know that you both did this for a WHOLE YEAR!!! Bravo!

  4. So did you ever count how many I actually sent? I’m sure it was nowhere near 52. Sometimes, I would think aboseawater to write and then couldn’t remember if I actually did it or only thought about it! Toward the end, I really ran out of decent postcards.

    1. Oh no, I’m not going to count! I’m sure I have at least 52 from you. I think we did pretty good keeping up. I had the same trouble, trying to remember if I actually sent one or just thought about it.

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