TGIF – Weekend Exploring

Yay, it’s Friday! Time to reflect on the past week, and share a new weekend postcard featuring one of my recent photos.

Weekend Postcard martinis

Five Highlights:

  • We got another 7 inches of snow. Our snowbanks are now higher than our mailbox. We are officially ready for Spring.
  • I had a really busy, productive week at work doing fun graphic designerly things. For a moment, I was caught up. Sort of. And then I got a bunch more fun projects to work on.
  • The social committee at work sponsored a chili cook-off, which was fun to see so many different variations on chili. Then we had an annual all–staff meeting. Sounds boring, but it wasn’t bad. We had an entertaining keynote speaker talk about the different generations alive today, and old-people thinking versus young-people thinking.
  • I haven’t been to Starbucks (or any coffee shops) in a couple weeks. So it was a treat to try a latte from Caribou Coffee. And then I splurged the next day and got a venti coffee from Starbucks. But that ginormous coffee was just a coffee, not as expensive as a specialty drink.
  • I got tickets to a concert in late summer.

Our weekend agenda includes hanging our new giant world map, happy hour cocktails, shopping for a scanner, more sketchbook fun, and continued work on my big freelance illustration project. I might try making quiche, just because I feel like having a piece.

Happy Friday. Enjoy your weekend!


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