TGIF – Weekend Exploring

Yay, it’s Friday! Time to reflect on the past week, and share a new weekend postcard featuring one of my recent photos.

Weekend Postcard Avantis Bar

Five Highlights:

  • It has been a busy week at my day job, and a busy week of freelance illustration work.
  • I was excited to receive a request to purchase a print of my butterfly infographic map, so I listed it as an art print in my shop.
  • We’ve had some warmer temperatures so a lot of our snow is melting fast.
  • I can see our grass again, which is a treat, even though it’s brown and muddy.
  • I received some great snail mail this week, including postcards from California, Ohio, and Northern England. I also got another beautiful illustrated Paris Letter.

I am immersed in a freelance illustration project with a chocolate focus, so it will be a busy weekend full of fun design work.

Happy Friday. Enjoy your weekend!


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