Spoonflower Drawing Challenge: Week 1

Spoonflower is sponsoring a month of drawing for the month of August where they provide daily exercises and inspiration to use as a prompt for drawing an illustration or surface design in your sketchbook.

The theme for week 1 was Open Spaces, so the prompts included cactus, mountain, tree, landscape and river. I experimented with a few ideas, and these are my favorites. I think they would make fun notecards or surface patterns.

Sketchbook Day 1-cactus Sketchbook Day 2-mountain Sketchbook Day 3-tree Sketchbook Day 4-landscape Sketchbook Day 5-river

It’s nice to have prompts to narrow down the focus on what to draw. And it’s great to have theme each week so the illustrations can be tied together into a series.


6 thoughts on “Spoonflower Drawing Challenge: Week 1

    1. Thanks Bev! I never thought about drawing cacti until I saw the prompt, so it was a fun challenge. Would be great fun to make a fabric print with these drawings, especially with pops of color for the blossoms.

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