Spoonflower Drawing Challenge: Week 2

Spoonflower is sponsoring a month of drawing for the month of August where they provide daily exercises and inspiration to use as a prompt for drawing an illustration or surface design in your sketchbook.

The theme for week 2 was Text and Type, where you’re challenged to incorporate hand lettering into an illustration. The prompts included lemon, book, arrow, tea and toast.

Day 6: lemon – I doodled things you can make with lemons

Day 7: book – inspired by one of my all–time favorite books “The Secret Garden”

Day 8: arrow – inspired by my Zodiak sign

Day 8: arrow – leaves that look like arrows accompanied by part of a great quote by Groucho Marx

Day 9: tea

Day 10: toast – A toast to my brother whose birthday is today!Some of last week’s prompts were challenging because I don’t like tea and I don’t eat bread, so I had to come up with fresh ideas to get motivated.

It’s nice to have prompts to narrow down the focus on what to draw. And it’s great to have theme each week so the illustrations can be tied together into a series. I’m so excited to see this week’s theme, Animals, which I love to draw! Stay tuned for more fun drawings.


2 thoughts on “Spoonflower Drawing Challenge: Week 2

  1. I really like that Grouch Marx quote, along with the arrow-y leaves. I did a pattern test for Elizabeth Hartman, all arrow blocks. She named it “Pointy”. Bleh. I was going to name mine “Oh Shoot” because it amused me, but “Time Flies” would be a good one too.

    1. Thanks! I love that quote too. It was a great opportunity to practice some hand-lettering, which I want to do more of. Wish I had been able to keep up with the rest of their prompts. There’s never enough time to do it!

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