Instagram Calendars

I’m excited to show you the awesome 2015 calendars I made over the weekend from the photos in my Instagram feed. I used a template from this post with a few tweaks.

One version features photos of my weekly fresh-cut flowers and a couple flowers from our garden.

IG calendar 2015 flower picsIG calendar 2015 flower pics

IG calendar 2015 flower picsThe other calendar version features scenes from our yard from each month. The exception is February, which will commemorate the one year anniversary of when we lost our Angel cat.
IG calendar 2015 backyard picsIG calendar 2015 backyard picsIG calendar 2015 backyard pics

They printed beautifully on my favorite cardstock Epson Premium Presentation Paper. I trimmed them to 5″ wide by 8.5″ high.

It was fun to look through the photos from 2014 and discover a couple themes. It was also a great reminder to keep taking more photos, especially highlighting the seasonal changes around here throughout the year. And to keep buying fresh-cut flowers each week.


4 thoughts on “Instagram Calendars

  1. Hello Terri,

    What a stunningly good idea. So lovely and bright, rather envious of the big pile of leaves in the November page.

    Happy days.

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