2014 Recap

It’s always fun to pause for a moment and look back at the past year, the events, the adventures, the struggles, and the accomplishments. It was another amazing year around here!


• We had to say goodbye to our beloved Angel who passed away

• I took a few road trips to visit my sister and my brother and my parents’ lake house

(More family fun below)

2014 Recap Family


• Started my own graphic design studio

• Came up with a series of fun home office rules

• Completed a variety of fun freelance projects


• Completed five licensed art collections with Nancy’s Notions

• Illustrated a Whale Watching Map (and lots of maps for freelance clients)

• Finished my Garden Party Quilt

• Was reunited with my sewing friends at our annual quilt retreat

• Filled up a few sketchbooks

2014 Recap sketchbook

Go Outside:

• Enjoyed the farmers market over the seasons

• Went to the botanical gardens more often

• Worked at a greenhouse

• Enjoyed a bouquet of fresh-cut flowers each week

• Filled up the house with houseplants

2014 recap gardens


• Traveled to my parent’s cottage on the lake a couple times

• Tried stand-up paddleboarding

• Went to a couple rock concerts

• Went to the beach

• Went skiing with my sister and brother and their families

2014 adventures

At the end of the year, we had to say goodbye to a close friend who passed away at the young age of 47. I miss her but know her spirit will live on in our hearts.

BeckyUnfortunately, funerals and weddings reunite people. So I’m hoping to stay in touch with my college friends better in 2015! (without a funeral) college friends

I learned lots of new things, enjoyed a variety of fun experiences, and met new people. Hope you had a great year too, full of fun and adventure. Happy New Year!


It’s fun to look back on the previous seven years of my blog, and crazy to see how much my perspective and interests have changed over the years!

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