Freshening Up At the Greenhouse

It’s always refreshing to take a trip to the local greenhouse in winter to soak up all the green plants growing indoors while it’s cold and snowy outside. I love noticing all the different hues of green and the shapes and textures.

mini plants at the greenhouse

mini plants at the greenhouse flowers at the greenhousemini plants at the greenhouse mini plants at the greenhouse red pink and green leaves

arrow leaf greenhouse fern foxtail fern

On this trip, we brought how some succulents to add to our houseplant collection. They sure are popular right now, aren’t they? I’m hoping they like the dry climate in our house, especially in winter.

succulents from the greenhouse

My regular trips to the greenhouse not only serve as a pick-me-up but also give me inspiration for my drawing, illustration and surface pattern design projects. Stay tuned for a couple new pages from my sketchbook!


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