Fresh-Cut Flowers for the Week

The fresh-cut flowers I brought home this week are brightening up my office with new pops of color and textures. Since I buy a new bouquet frequently (almost every week), I’m learning the names of these flowers. Here we have yellow alstroemeria, yellow daisies, a pink carnation, a peach rose and more pink daisies.

fresh cut flowers for the week

fresh cut yellow Alstroemeria

fresh cut  yellow daisies

fresh cut pink daisies

pink carnation

peach roseThis bouquet includes a small variety of flowers, yet offers a new palette of colors with green, soft pink, bright peach, and yellow – great for the soul during the dormant winter months and great for drawing inspiration!


3 thoughts on “Fresh-Cut Flowers for the Week

  1. These are so pretty terri 🙂 I recently got some inspiration from my mum’s recent floral bouquet and created a new illustration print from it ( you can see it on my instagram 🙂 ). I love learning all the little names of the flower types to hehe alstromeria a so pretty especially in pink, I love pitto leaves to they’re fun to draw aswell as peonies which are my favourite.

    1. Thanks so much for stopping by Kate! Your illustrations are lovely! One of these days, I’m hoping to get caught up and illustrate my new bouquets of fresh flowers each week.

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